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Sopar the medialuna in coffee with milk

For some, a “greasy”. For others, ritual obliged. And you, soups the crescent in the latte?

As we are
café y medialunas

The breakfast or mid-afternoon of Argentines, and especially Mendoza, consists of  a coffee with milk accompanied by croissants or   scraped pancakes. 

Of course there is the matte or tea variable. And there are also modifications at the time of accompaniment, where we can find toast of white bread, black bread, with butter, with cheese, with sweet, with honey or with everything at once. But in general, coffee with milk and the medialuna is the basis of any snack.

Being so classic and popular, coffee with milk and medialuna (and let me add the scraped pancake, like good mendocino)  have a whole manual on how to consume it . It can be taken bitter, it can be sweetened with sweetener, with ordinary sugar or chewing. So far everything normal.

 The debate opens 

The discussion begins when,  after having swallowed a few sips of coffee with milk, we set out to stick the first bite of the scraped pancake or the crescent. There are some variables for this. You can eat, chew and swallow the bite, let pass a few seconds or minutes, and just there give a sip of coffee. Others, not well bit a piece of bread, are already adding a drink of latte, to make an   amalgam of flavors   in their mouth.  

But what is a good Mendoza feature, although  poorly seen by some sector of society, is to sopar the medialuna or the scraped pancake in coffee with milk. It's like eating and drinking at the same time . If the crescent is whole, one of its ends is cut off and inserted into the cup. Never gets one of the  ends  of the singing crescent into the latte coffee. Let it stand for more than 10 seconds, so that it is well impregnated with the taste. It makes the famous sponge effect. It's taken out, and straight to the craw.

The same thing happens with the scraped pancake.  A piece is cut, put into the drink until we get a little wet thumb and index fingers and let it park.  In this case it takes longer as the pancake is harder and a little more waterproof. Once softened and impregnated, straight to the mouth. A delicacy.

 Extreme Case 

Which submarines or fish, the pieces of medialuna or pancake swim and dive into the cup, all at once. This is a little more inadmissible.  But there are those who do it, that's why we tell. The crescent or the scraped pancake is cut into 4 or 5 pieces and all are introduced, at the same time, into the cup, like milk with   cereals . Of course you have to take a few good sips before, to remove the volume of coffee with milk and that it does not overflow at the time of introducing the bakery.

But this becomes a real enchastre. Some pieces disintegrate and thicken coffee with milk. And, to eat them, you have to pick them up with the spoon. We will definitely be subject to inquisitive glances from the rest of the diners and the waiter. However, about tastes there is nothing written. There is no definitive and inviolable manual on how to drink a latte with croissants or scraped pancakes. So, if you like it and it makes you happy, give it up.

Publication Date: 26/11/2020

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