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Some questions that will help you get to know yourself

If you answer sincerely, you will go through a process that may be painful, but certainly uplifting.

As we are

Knowing yourself is not a simple task, in fact, perhaps it is one of the most difficult issues of all. Knowing what one is and what you want and what you expect from life is the first step on the path of happiness. Sounds like a little superficial phrase, but I swear to you, I'm convinced what I'm saying to you. Atenti: It is important that they respond to them at a time when they are alone and relaxed (so that they can dedicate the time and attention they deserve) and if they can do it in writing — by hand, no compu or phone — better (pencil writing is proven to help the brain focus on the area that dominates language, which is going to helping to reach more concrete and in-depth responses). Right now, let's get started.

 Do you prefer to be a misunderstood and worried genius or a social, cheerful fool? 

It is true that it is formulated in an extreme way, no one is neither one nor the other, but when it comes to enjoying the recognition of others we often force ourselves to levels that hurt us. How far do you demand yourself? Do you feel good in that position?

 What makes you be you? 

An almost rhetorical question. Socratic majeutics was practically based on this little trick. I don't want to add anything, the question itself is clear and forceful. The only thing I can say is, did your answer make you happy? Or are there more things you'd like to change? If so, knowing them is to have half the battle won.

 Would you like to be a friend of yours? 

Somehow it is a question similar to the previous one, but in this case more oriented to how you are outside, with those around you and with the world. Where it says “friend” you can think “partner” or “son” or “coworker”. If you're honest with the answer, it may be a life-changing question.

 What is the reason why you are most grateful to life? 

In addition to putting in perspective the importance of being a grateful person (reasons for sure you have), the idea of identifying them is that you see if you are able to reproduce them and that way have every day a new reason to be aware of everything that's happening to you.

 If you were given a choice: do you prefer not to remember what already happened or not be able to generate new memories? 

The question is asked in a somewhat poetic way, but if we go to the bone is one of the most important questions in life: is the best already happening or is the best yet to come? I don't want to get into your answers, but optimism is the basis of joy. They don't lie. Knowing yourself can be a painful process, but from which you are sure to get better than you entered.

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Publication Date: 21/03/2019

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