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Slovak, Argentinian and Human

Vanda, Slovak songwriter based in Santa Fe, leaves us her vision of Argentina. “Humana”, his latest single, came out in times of pandemic.

In 2003, a Slovak teenager named Vanda held a cultural exchange in the city of Santa Fe. He returned to his country, did other international experiences, but, several years ago, decided to choose the   land of smooth and alfajores as their home   . His partner is Santafesina and his artistic production is based here. Today, with a new release on the networks called “Humana”, the artist offers us   a look at Argentina   and his life in our country.

In times of pandemic, this talented composer, who fluctuates between multiple variants of pop, released “Humana”, her single that dedicates “to all people who suffer from   anxiety, depression and other inner demons   ”.

Vanda began composing in Nitra, her hometown. He lived for a while in Vratislava, the capital of his country, he loves his folklore, but says he does not influence his music too much. Yes international pop, style that, in Argentina, decided to show strongly in Buenos Aires. “I had to do that because, while   Santa Fe has a very good musical move   , it is more so in rock or in the tropical. Pop, for obvious reasons, has a lot more possibilities in Buenos Aires.” However, the musicians who accompany the Slovak on her tour and all her artistic production are still in Santa Fe.

  Argentina: nice things and not so much  

Vanda tells us that   Slovakia   It is a small country without sea, but very nice. He says it's eye-catching   how many castles do you have   . A very interesting destination to meet. Something that this woman of European culture misses is respect for schedules. Seriousness with commitments. That's the only thing Vanda marks as negative for Argentina. On top, he came to devote himself to young music, moves in the rocker atmosphere. An environment in which everyone knows   the schedules   to which events are announced   are far from reality   . “In Argentine culture, this informality is very well installed. That disorganization with the schedules is something that   it's not good.   The 'well, yes, we see when we get together and what time do we start up'...   I had that cultural shock.   “, says the artist.

It also misses some diversity in food. Something he didn't find, at least, in Santa Fe. “Buenos Aires may be different, but here the food is always with lots of flours. With all the richness they have in vegetables,   do not eat with the variety they should   ”.

Out of those differences that cost you, Vanda is   very comfortable and happy in Argentina   . “Since my first exchange experience in 2003, my relationship with the people here was spectacular.”

For the time she has lived here, the singer was able to see very closely the evolution and the   growth of culture and art   In addition, she is proud of the feminist militancy, to which she is an adept. “It expands from Argentina to other countries and for me it's great. I find it exciting   how is the whole country mobilized   ”.

  Art and intimacy  

The   new release   by Vanda t   there is a very personal topic   . “Humana” speaks of anxiety and depression and she wants to “dedicate it to all who are suffering, especially in these moments of confinement.” By chance,   the premiere was quarantined   . Typical delays in musical productions brought unexpected changes. “Humana” should have been released a few months ago, but eventually with   production entirely santafesina   , the single saw the light in the pandemic.

We invite you to meet Vanda, this human who was born in Slovakia and lives in Argentina.

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