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Sirens for those who put the body to the pandemic

In different parts of the country, firefighters take their vehicles to the streets, but not to put out fires: to pay tribute to those who deserve it most.

As we are
Bomberos homenajean a médicos

Thousands of anonymous souls, throughout the country, are putting body, mind and spirit to fight this  pandemic  that we have to pass through. While the ones we can stay at home, others go out every day to do their thing. Which is a lot. That is why  firefighters from different  barracks  throughout the country  are responsible for honoring these people whose work is essential for all Argentines.

In  Luján  (Buenos Aires province),   volunteer firefighters   decided to give more than applause for health personnel and police. With their band, 9 de Julio,  they approached the local hospital, a clinic and the police station , to thank the workers for the tasks they perform every day. Thus, the band performed the song “Resistiré”, in the voice of Jeremiah. And, this time, the  applause  took them away.

In  Don Torcuato  (Buenos Aires province), volunteer firefighters chose another group to pay tribute: with the sirens of the autobombs on, they approached a  geriatric home  to thank the staff who cares for  grandparents .

In the town of  Quemú Quemú , in La Pampa, firefighters had another mission.  Kiara was 6 years old  and, like so many other boys, she was not going to be able to celebrate it with her friends and colleagues. Then, the local firefighters approached the door of her house on the motorbombs, greeted her and gave her gifts.

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Publication Date: 04/05/2020

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