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Siesta santiagueña: between health and stigmatization

The santiagueña nap is the way to confront the unbearable heat of northern Argentina and to take care of health. We tell you about this custom.

As we are

The santiagueña nap is recognized throughout the country, in many cases in a derogatory way pointing out the Santiagueños as lazy. Siesta is a very popular practice in  Santiago del Estero . When lunch ends the province seems to enter a “low consumption” mode and all activities take a break.

At the time of the nap, the trade lowers its blinds and places the closed sign. Public administration does the same and transport continues to work, but with a reduced frequency.

The explanation for the santiagueña nap is in the sun, in the unbearable heat that literally cooks this province. The stage where high temperatures hit Santiago del Estero with the greatest intensity runs from November to March. That is why the  high season  of Santiago  tourism  starts in April and has a lot of turnaround in winter.

The nap is necessary to take refuge from the strong sun; in addition, it has other advantages that help santiagueños live better. Fending against a heat that exceeds 40° means taking care of our health. After lunch, the santiagueña nap improves the digestive process and our body works better. Steam generated on the streets and temperature are a dangerous risk for anyone when there are high temperatures.

The santiagueña nap is practiced by practically everyone, even by animals seeking shelter from the sun during the nap.

 Regional Siesta 

Santiago del Estero is the reference province of the nap, but the overwhelming heat does not occur only in that province. Many cities in northern Argentina suffer high temperatures and resort to this practice to take care of the sun.

 Of lazy there is nothing 

The santiagueña nap is an obligatory resource to live on an extreme temperature. Santiagueños are stigmatized as “lazy” by this custom. But this represents the opposite, because it guarantees health care and optimization of resources to work better.

Publication Date: 20/04/2020

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