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Schools and penitentiaries make gel alcohol

Given the lack of gel alcohol in pharmacies and supermarkets, the state finances its manufacture in other establishments.
As we are
| 26 March, 2020 |

The situation experienced worldwide by the spread of COVID-19 makes us rethink many things. Among them, what do teachers do in schools if the kids don’t go? What can we occupy people deprived of their liberty? The answer came alone, by decanting. Everyone , make gel alcohol.

That seems to have been the authorities’ thinking in Mendoza, who have allocated one million and a half weights for the manufacture of 6 thousand liters of gel alcohol. Per reported theDirectorate of Technical Education and Labour,the products will be used in schools themselves to add tools for prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This is a joint initiative with the National Ministry of Education. “The experience will be recorded in videos and made available to all students of the modality as part of the educational actions that will be carried out during these 14 days,” saidthe director of Technical Education and Labour, Carlos Daparo.

“ We elaborate40 litersfor the government to distribute it in the best way,” saidKarina Estevanez, the director of schoolNo. 4-013, Bernardo Houssay, who forms technicians in pharmacy and laboratory.

Meanwhile,Sonia Maggio,one of the who participates in the production of gel alcohol and in the action they are doing in the framework of educational activities not , highlighted the value of this solidarity action at a time of crisis.

Also in prison

The Ministry of Security has decided topurchase inputs and raw materials needed to start the manufacture of gelatin alcohol, liquid soap, detergent and laundin the own production workshops that there are in the prisons.

On the other hand, the Prison Service indicated that,in a second stage, gel alcohol and liquid soap will be prepared for the population.

It is important to note that, for some years, the prisonsof Boulogne Sur Mer, San Felipe and Almafuerte have been in operation of so-called ‘liquid workshops’, in which soaps, detergent, floor deodorant are manufactured, among others, not only for accommodation, but also for common spaces and even offices operating within prisons.

This is also a way to control opportunists and price speculators. By increasing the supply of gel alcohol, you will see forced to lower the price of this good a little, now, of the very first necessity.

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