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Santafesinos holiders and the “crack”, part 2

Second installment of an unmissable analysis: the Santafesinos holiders and their two great trends.

As we are
destino playa

With the national opening of the seventies, the Santa Fe holidayers of the working class begin to be encouraged to get to know the Atlantic coast . So, Mar del Plata was, in motion, the first place in the election. Hotels are counted by thousands and places to stay too, from the highest to the most humble categories. There are many hotels and resorts of state and private guilds, campsites, cottages, pensions, motels  and the rental of houses and apartments is very appreciated, because it allows to lower costs , taking advantage of the provision of the best meat, vegetables and fruits offered in this area of the country. n, then for some skinny pockets, cook in the rented apartment, or buy food in the infinite number of rotiserias with which each summer place counts. As entertainment, from the most economical that is to stroll along the rambla, pedestrian streets and squares in which there are always free shows, to the most expensive ones that are  the functions of the famous theaters,  there are also small rooms in the center, which provide spectas asses of all kinds, with an extremely accessible entrance.

Little by little, comments about how vacayers on the coast enjoy their stay by the sea in their own way, made many know the different options this city offers and are encouraged to face the challenge of spending the holidays on the coast.


 Beach Customs 

Staunding on the beach also has its issues. It is known that the wind is always present and is  not as hot as in our dear Santa Fe . The possibility of renting tent or parasol in a spa arises, this has its cost, but it gives the customer various amenities: it protects him from wind, gives him abundant shade, sun loungers and table, excellent sanitary facilities, small boutiques, children's games with teachers, bar and dining room that, if required, bring you closer to the tent chosen menu, many also have swimming pools and solarium. Anyway, there are a huge number of  people who like to stay best in their beach seat and canvas near the water . The most anticipators, deploy their small tents , but in all cases well accompanied by their refrigerator with all necessary provisions and of course, the unalterable matte equipment. These different ways of deciding the stay on the beach are also a topic of discussion when planning the trip.

 The panorama is widening 

Very soon, other localities were gaining preference, depending on whether it is a family group or youth groups. Thus, Villa Gesell first and then San Bernardo (in the Costa Party), captain the choice of teenagers and young people who find activities on their beaches according to their interests and modern nightclubs. Those with a higher budget, do not change Cariló, Ostend or Pinamar for any other destination, although  Mar de las Pampas, with its dunes populated with forests and its charming promenade  commercial, is also a place that the santafesino in search of tranquility has begun to choose, for a few years.

Of all these options, what are the main preferences of the holiders' santafesinos? Undoubtedly, Carlos Paz takes the prize to the most chosen destination, in the Cordovan offer. Faced with the election of the sea, obviously,  Mar del Plata wins for a great time.  

Fanatisms for both landscapes make  the “crack” saerras/sea continue to be in effect in the Santa Fe holidaymakers, as the long-awaited summer holidays approach.

Publication Date: 28/01/2021

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