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Santa Fe: City of Football

The classic Colon-Union. Curiosities of this football city, a passion that unites, divides and crosses everyone equally.
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16 January, 2020

If you move to live in Santa Fe, or just have to spend a day or two in the city, you won’t be long to notice the passion that divides its people, just for a simple football game . It is something similar to the world-famous superclassic, but with the particularity that two teams from a city in the interior of the country share, almost equally, a unparalleled fanaticism , which crosses all ages, social classes, colors and religions. A real football city.

Colón and Union are the two professional football teams that exist in the city of Santa Fe. Both militate in the Argentine first division and, like almost all classic, have a very similar record in their rivalry. Unión was victorious in recent editions, but Colón had very long streaks of “paternity”, with the addition that, recently, he had world fame for having played an international final, with musical hit included, by the legendary Palmeras.

But what makes this classic so special?

Santa Fe is one of the few Argentine cities where the popularity of the local derby is much higher than that of the Buenos Aires superclassic.

During the week of the classic, the Santafesino forgets labor problems, the debts, from quarrels with his girlfriend… All interest is focused on that your team managed to win the match of the year. And in the following week, the ingenuity was aims to invent the best spent and forward the funniest memes against the loser.

Sabers and tatengues bring all the color between “rags” and all kinds of accessories red, black and white. Santa Fe breathes football, and that perfume of passion is can feel at all times, in every corner of this “big village” that grows on the banks of La Setúbal.

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