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Santa Fe and the gamer industry

Santa Fe is one of the biggest cities producing video games today. The city faced with the global gamer phenomenon.

 Today , the province of Santa Fe is one of the four largest number of studio developers of video games. Its importance is such that it has hosted the last four years of the Argentine Video Games Exhibition (EVA 2019.  The creation of products for gamers is taking a leap in quality, the results of which we will see in the coming years. The boom in the  mobile market has a lot to do with this. Today , a small studio can distribute its game  and reach everyone without having to make agreements with companies that have locals on the street to sell their games. This also allowed many new market segments to emerge. For example, before 2000 no one thought of playing games aimed  at women aged 30 to 40.  Today, that is one of so many niches.

In this context,  Santa Fe has a very good level of development . From time to time, santafesino games stand out in international media, winning prizes and being presented at the launch events of the main platforms. Both web and  mobile  games are made in the province as well as PC games and consoles, development engines and image editing tools widely used in the industry.

On top of that, there are santafesinos scattered around the world working in large companies on some of the most important titles the industry is delivering today.

One thing to note is that  the video game industry is different from many others, because of its collaborative spirit . Anyone who tries to enter the industry and approaches an event will immediately notice how everyone tries to advise you. Peers strive to pave the way and integrate people into the big family they consider video games.

 The gamer era 

Undoubtedly, we are experiencing  a global change in consumption patterns . To do this, especially in the last decade, much had  to do with the improvement and development of smartphones  that offered exclusively entertainment-oriented products with greater comfort and speed. Mobile games were no exception. Video games ran from the so-called traditional format (on home consoles) to begin to be part of the mobile phone app  menu  . We're in the era of gamers

To date, it is estimated that in the world video game market, mobile games account for 41% of global revenues, far exceeding those obtained by consoles. This massive consumption allowed the positioning and development of Argentine studies in the international market, both for its turnover and popularity.

For logical reasons of size and population accumulation,  60% of video game developers have as the epicenter of operations the province of Buenos Aires . The rest is distributed among the provinces of Cordoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe. The youth of the sector is well reflected by their numbers: 85% started their activities less than ten years ago.

 Many claim that the right time for this to reach its greatest potential is this.  Some of the data we share below will not only reinforce this idea, but will serve to share the needs and objectives of the sector.

 Video games have been incorporated by the National Ministry of Culture as a “creative industry”  in 2011. This is justified in the reality that they employ designers, artists, 2D and 3D illustrators, programmers, engineers, scriptwriters, testers, producers and musicians.

 How to start making video games? 

As in most current fields of experimentation, this area has a lot of self-taught. However, given the characteristic  collaborative spirit  we have already told you, when entering this world it is easy to contact those who know more.

But,  if you are interested in studying, there are courses and careers  aimed at their training and specialization. In fact, university specialization in video games can be studied at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, in Santa Fe. There is also the Technique in Video Game Design and Programming, a short distance career of 2 and a half years; while at the University of Rafaela you can take a degree in Video Games Production and Interactive Experiences in person.

In today  's world, video games are one of the 10 largest industries: it costs about $100 billion a year , more than that of cinema. However, it is not yet regulated, which results in the absence of specific tools for the promotion of the sector.  There are public policies aimed at creative industries in general, but there is still no specific line of action for video games at the Argentine level  .

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