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Santa Claus: a police mission

We tell you about the Cordovan Christmas episode that leaves us speechless. That's how we are: Christmas suits us well
As we are
| 09 January, 2020 |

It was a very special Christmas episode. It’s just that, for Argentines, Christmas hits us well. We always put on the ten, and we go out to live Christmas together. In this case, it happened in Villa María, Córdoba. At the Pasteur Provincial Hospital, where many families and children spend the holidays. It was an act of solidarity and love, carried out by a group of police officers from the locality. This group took off the blue uniform to exchange it for a more loving uniform: that of Santa Claus.

The most surprised were the children, who had a very noble visit. Despite spending Christmas in boarding schools or with different health problems, they received good gifts. Most of all, the shared moment, these cops gave the kids back to the hospital. And they revolutionized the whole city with the Christmas spirit.

There are eight children in the children’s placement part of the provincial health center. And each of them received a special gesture from a Santa Claus in a particular uniform. These Santa Claus took care of collecting gifts and distributing them. Obviously, the most exciting part for creatures. Boys and girls received gifts of all kinds, and they spent a different Christmas. Fortunately, these gestures are still common in our Christmas. And there are always some groups that remember the difficult situations that some families live through.

The holidays make us

Because the Festivities connect us again with the need of others, with solidarity and with a different view of life. That’s why these Cordoba policemen didn’t stay behind, and they did their own. This time the police intervention had nothing to do with crimes or illegalities. This time, the police were present to accompany difficult situations and make a very particular accompaniment.

For more gestures like that. For more solidarity Christmas.

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