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Resistance to blood traction

In a popular consultation, the Chaco society established the first foundation to fight against blood traction and popular abuse.
As we are
14 January, 2020

Resistance showed its namesaketo blood traction . Through a popular consultation, nearly 60,000 inhabitants of the city established their rejection of blood traction. The proposal put forward would allocate 1% of the taxes levied to the financing of the replacement programme.

There is no greater certainty as to what the program would actually do, but it has raised a general awareness of animal abuse. Not only in Chaco, but in several northern provinces it is common to see animals dragging carts. In most cases, animals in terrible conditions and mistreated. Some measures have already been implemented in other provinces, which have failed unequivocally.

The difference here is that the project takes strength from society itself. The popular consultation shows the desire to end animaltorture, something that did not happen elsewhere. He would have won with more than 50,000 votes out of 6000 against, but, in order for the popular will to be applied, it would have to be implemented through the judicial system.

This may happen, as it may not, but the forceful response from a society is undeniable. This can lead to to deepen the project, including other alternatives. It will be necessary to be established if the program aims to end with the traction to blood absolutely or will develop in a controlled and healthy manner. He horse in the world is a working partner of man. But that concept here for many does not exist, it is a simple thing that can be hit and forced, and when you die you get another one.

A first step

The spirit for a better society, in Resistance, was presented as never before in the region. The replacement of blood traction should be enhanced with education and opportunities. The region will need the active and committed involvement of the institutions.

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