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Quarantine on social networks: fitness and cooks

Being locked in our homes allows us to know tastes and skills that we didn't know. Fitness and cooking, the outstanding ones.

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fitness en casa

When the president arranged the  quarantine , we'd hold on to our hairs and ask ourselves,  “What am I going to do locked up in my house so long?”  Many, surely, knew that they would not be able to escape their jobs. Homeoffice or teleworking forces them to stay attentive to their responsibilities and busy, practically, as if they went to the workplace. For them there is no fitness or hobbies. They don't need them.

However, another large number of society is at home with plenty of leisure time. Either because their work cannot be done remotely, or because they are people who are not within the usual working ages. At that time,  being a fitness, transforming ourselves into real chefs or cinemics are the activities that highlight the most. 

 I show myself as La Roca 

One of the cases is the subject of fitness.  Are we really more addicted to physical activity or do we just look like it on social networks?  There is a group of people who obviously trained before the quarantine, showed it on social networks and, during their stay at home, continue to train and show it on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

However, we note that there are people who simply make fitness activity a screen. It is that,  prior to the confinement, we only saw in their accounts images of roasts domingueros or dogs walking in the park and, not well after the quarantine, we started to see some badly made abs,  squats with poor technique and shoes that are not suitable.

 Game to be the Cat Dumas 

What is true, and you can't refute, is that  we all like to eat. It is one of the great pleasures of life. And, inevitably, having a lot of time in disuse seems to generate hunger and leads us to occupy that time in playing to be the Cat Dumas.  So, we begin to ask for recipes from our friends, family, we look on YouTube and on social networks. And this, sometimes it's screen and sometimes it's not.  You see photos of   homemade croissants  that we can't see if, indeed, they were made by the person holding that account , or if they are as rich as the photo looks. But, in most cases, these are true cases. Of course, cooking is something easier and less demanding than physical activity.

In addition to croissants, what has been seen most in networks has to do with sweet as cakes and biscuits. But also with salty and everything about the  grill  or some  stew on cloudy  days and low temperatures.

Publication Date: 12/04/2020

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