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Public employment as a horizon

In Santa Fe, everyone is looking to get a place in public employment. Safe work and free time.

As we are

In general, we could say that we Santafesinos are  quiet  and friendly people. Perhaps this is due to  the luck of living in a place surrounded by wide natural spaces . Maybe that gives us the possibility of pleasantly relaxing after a hard day's work. Well... the hard thing can vary, especially with the number of Santafesinos who perform in the particular world of public employment.

As far as culture is concerned, many are the differences that make each city a unique place in the world. And  Santa Fe, like every city and every country, is unique and special .

Despite the fact that the lifestyle is quite like the “Western” (in clothing, for example, European fashion is followed a lot), its people, customs, habits and values make Santafesina culture a curious and even incomprehensible world for those who do not share it.

That is why in this portal we like to place special emphasis on all these particularities. The idea  is to bring our way of life closer to those who come from somewhere outside  our reality.

Among the Santafesina population there is a high quota of professionals, due to the wide academic offer and the excellent level of our universities. This is also a focus of attraction for all those aspiring to high school. For this reason , Santa Fe concentrates a large number of students  from the surrounding areas and from the rest of the country.

However, this breadth in the formation of bright minds does not match what happens in other parts of the province. I'm talking about the other major cities such as Rosario and Rafaela. This is due, in my view and in large part,  to the disparate search for Santafesina  's search for a space in public employment.

public employment

 Why do we all aspire more or less to the same thing?  

As in every city that is the capital of  the province, administrative activity is an important factor of work . Therefore, it is not uncommon for those who perform in public employment to be many in Santa Fe. But what happens in this city with that theme is very particular.

I do not want to deny that, in a country where economic crises return cyclically, the security of state-provided work is a very positive thing . But the criticism that I raise about this feature that we Santafesinos have is on the other hand.

We already touched on this topic when we had  to describe our Rafaelino brothers  and the Rosarinos. But it is important to take it back to understand how we are the capital's Santafesinos.

Because of his own Piedmontese blood, by looking more towards Cordoba than to Santa Fe or who knows why, the mentality of rafaelino is very different from that of Santafesino.  Rafaela  was always characterized by personalities with a strong entrepreneurial spirit  . Huge companies and innovations came out of this beautiful city of the provincial west center. For most of them, sitting in an office can not be a life goal.

 The Rosarinos  thing is easier to explain. Being a much larger city and closer to Capital Federal, there are many other alternative opportunities to public employment as a job horizon. That's why  Rosario has so many people working in branches such as culture, art  and private ventures.

It is not that there are no great artists or entrepreneurs in Santa Fe Capital. It is that,  to keep our quiet nap routine , smooth evenings and rock nights, we Santafesinos prefer a quiet morning at a public employment desk.

Publication Date: 06/02/2021

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