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Vacations on the Argentine coast are full of little rituals that begin when we load up the car and take to the road. Each family will surely have its own, but there is one that we all share: the obligatory stop at Atalaya. There are those who go down to rest and those who buy and continue their journey, but what summons us all are the emblematic croissants, about which we could say - without exaggerating for anything - that they are made of pure magic. Even when we don't pass by during crescent time we take them for lunch afterwards, because the trip is not the same without a stop at Atalaya. Why is it so essential for us to make this stop on our way to the beach? Two reasons come to mind first. On the one hand, it is precisely that: the hinge between our routine and our rest. The official start of the holiday. To stop at Atalaya is to leave Buenos Aires behind and take the first bite of the coast. On the other hand, it is to eternalize the rituals: to return to the place where we stopped as children, with another car, another age and another company, but with the same expectation. It's recreating that same tradition with our own children, or feeling small again for a while. It is to see that things change, but how important it is that some things remain the same.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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