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Not to share the mate

The Secretary of Health of Santa Fe said there are contagions from sharing the mate. Hard sacrifice will have to be made. But very necessary.

As we are

Mate and the verb to share are almost synonymous. When you become a mate for yourself, while working or studying, your weedis likely to get cold. The matte stays warm and rich when the round is active. Even if that round is only two people. This is all true. Unappealable. But it is also true, and more unappealable, that the coronavirus is wreaking havoc. In this grey context, the only thing that is clear is that we have to take care of each other. You heard him all over that. They've already sent you thousands of social media posts to make you aware. But, all the time, new things come up to be attentive. And now it turns out that mate is also a danger. Very hard ...

Apparently, many of the infections that occurred in our country have been by practicing the most ours we have. To carry forward the healthiest, deepest and, at the same time, basic of our routines: sharing mate.

The Secretary of Health of the province of Santa Fe Sonia made it clear. Martorano: “We detected that many were infected with coronavirus by share the mate. So mate today is personal. We have to take care of ourselves on that side.”

There's no other, people. Except vergen I believe that we Argentines are well in the matter of listening to what we are asked for, for the general welfare. We know, through these lands, of bringing out solidarity and making collective efforts in times of crisis. Now they ask us one more step: if you're going to take mate, do it yourself. Take care of those that matter most to you. God willing, all this sacrifice will bear fruit in a healthy people, who will be able to return to the maths as a family on the coast, on the beach, at home.

Publication Date: 03/04/2020

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