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Never want to know your idol too much

Athletes, actors, singers, musicians or footballers, anyone can transform into idol. But sometimes, they can disappoint us.

  An idol is a person or character to which we surrender   educated   and devotion.   We are satisfied with your skills and aptitudes in a particular discipline of which we are generally previously fanatics. That is, we like an activity and then we find our favorite person or character. We separate between person and character because sometimes an idol can be a superhero or someone from fiction. We all have one. One or more. Even, it may have changed throughout our life. Many times we are surprised and wondered: how could I have been such a fan of “such a person”?

  Being our idol, we know everything about that person.   At least, your biographical data. We know when and where he was born. We memorized the date of his birthday. We know his career, how his family is composed, and so on.   However, there are certain aspects that it is better not to know. Don't inquire about them.  

  Sometimes, knowing more is worse  

The title of this article refers to the fact that,   sometimes, trying to get to know our idol in depth, we can become disappointed.   His political ideals, his stance on social issues, the fanaticism he may have towards a certain football club. They are just a few of the topics that can become dangerous to try to know.

It's not necessary, it doesn't add up.   The idol is already your idol, and it's good to keep it as such. Why investigate controversial issues?   The answer is clear:   we look for that person to have our same tastes and opinions on those issues.   We'd be glad if we knew our idol was a River fan, just like me. That he's Peronist, just like me. That he is in favor of the legalization of some activity, just like me. To cite examples. But, in the same way,   it would be a dagger in the heart to know that, on those issues, he stands on the opposite sidewalk.  

And, knowing your position on that, we begin to relate everything.   If our idol is a singer, we begin to understand his lyrics differently. In such a way that everything refers to that position in the face of that problem.   If he is a footballer, we take his statements, his goal celebrations and other attitudes to relate them to that.

Therefore, we advise, do not want to know your idols too much.   Stay with all the good they've given you. With those statements and attitudes that you fell in love. It is not necessary to inquire and know their views on other issues.   If what you already have made it your idol, why are you going to look for other things at the risk of losing it?

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