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Missionary women 3 – 0 Coronavirus

In this epidemiological offensive, women missionaries have proven themselves to be the best defense against the virus. Your solidarity: our
As we are
Mujeres misioneras
| 27 March, 2020 |

They say that the only cure for coronavirus is solidarity. If so, in this terrible contest, missionary women make us run with advantage. Misiones is historically a province of solidarity. Women and men, many immigrants, have brought this region forward on the basis of mutual help. In the good and bad. Now, the coronavirus once again tests the spirit of missionary solidarity. This time, it was the women who demonstrated how solidarity always starts first at home.

Mujeres misioneras

Internal 1 – 0 Coronavirus

Villa Lanús Women’s Correctional Facility is located in Villa Lanús, 5 kilometers from the city of Posadas. There, inmates of the women’s prison make more than 500 solidarity beards a day. They do this in the midst of the activities they carry out within the Laborterapia Sewing Workshop. After having received special training, the inmates joined the fight against COVID-19. The barbijos are distributed in penitentiary units throughout the province and annexes. Both for prison staff and the prison population.

Currently, about 15 women work in the sewing workshop in accordance with the protocols indicated by the specialists. This is an extremely difficult task, given the limited space available. However, the inmates of Misiones Penitentiary take the first solidaritygoal.

Neighbors of Aurora 2 – 0 Coronavirus

In Colonia Aurora, a town in the province of Misiones, all started with 3 women. Maria Levis proposed to make chubby to two of their neighbors, Delia Endler and Lucia Lorenzon. “They automatically told me yes and, with the little we have at home, we are doing, with the help of our children. A short family and the rest we make”, said Maria.

In order to carry out solidarity action, women were informed about how to create chills. “We read and watched tutorials online. The first thing that should be taken into account is what fabric is ideal. Fiseline or tnt. It is made a test with water to verify that it does not pass through the fabric and we begin to make up,” Maria added. The woman from Colonia Aurora works in the chakra and in his spare time designs masks.

Ready-made charms are sent to the Hospital of Colonia Aurora and to the Gendarmerie Squad. They are also donated to grandparents and people with increased risk.

Mothers, daughters, nieces 3 – 0 Coronavirus

Coronavirus keeps backing up against women’s push missionary women. Maria Levis has a daughter in Posadas who is a gardener teacher, is pregnant and quarantined. “In order not to get bored, I commented on our initiative and joined. She donated the chills to employees of the Water Service. of Misiones (Samsa),” said Aurora’s neighbor. And, as solidarity also becomes contagious, Maria invited her niece to join the project. In Santo Pipó, his niece works in a yerba mate company. “They are cutting ecological bags and manufacturing for employees. It’s beautiful that we can help and make ourselves aware that you can from the

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