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“Missionaries do not realize what they have”

Marina and Fernando fell in love with Misiones and invested in the hotel business. “Missionaries live in a beautiful, underutilized province.”

As we are

No one doubts the attractions of the province of Misiones. As you enter through those roads of red earth, the wonderful nature enters through all the senses. But Misiones has that beauty so natural, so rugged, that it sometimes has an adverse effect on the missionaries themselves. It makes them take for granted everything beautiful and magnificent that identifies the place. So, the people on the red earth may lose track of what they have. In the eyes of the tourist, they are too calm, too carefree to show what, for them, is imperative to know.

For Marina Sarquiz and her husband Fernando Piesco this is, from a tourist point of view, a regrettable waste. “This province is beautiful, much more than others that receive a lot of visitors and don't have even 10 percent of what Misiones exhibits. I think missionaries don't have the real dimension of what they have,” said Marina Sarquiz. She, together with Fernando Piesco, has lived for a year and a half in Misiones.

Love at first sight

Marina and Fernando left Buenos Aires in search of greater tranquility. They arrived in Misiones and decided to settle down. The plan was simple. It consisted of continuing to practice their respective professions in the province. She's a doctor and he's a real estate developer. But, as it happens sometimes in movies, they fell in love... with Misiones.

Thus, the first thing they perceived was that the province had many tourist potential little exploited. This ishow “The Missions of Oberá” was born, a complex of cottages that operates in the town of San Martín, Oberá.

The cottage complex, run by the marriage, has six loft-style units. “Of the six, four were sold. Two people from Posadas and two people from Buenos Aires. The intention is that, in the future, it will become a boutique hotel,” Marina explained. The marriage does not plan to relax too much and seeks to expand the tourist business by building new units.

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Publication Date: 23/05/2020

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