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Mendocinos in Christmas mode

While it is a religious celebration, the entire province is affected by this traditional holiday. But Christmas is special in Mendoza.

As we are
Navidad en Mendoza

To write this article and refer to Christmas, let's assume a normal scenario, as if the pandemic had not existed. With this perspective,  we must say that Christmas is a holiday that, absolutely, all Mendoza celebrate with fervor.  Not so much because of what it means, according to religion, but, most of all, as an unavoidable reason to bring together the whole  family . And this is something that does not happen at any other time of the year.

At Christmas we see that single guy who doesn't greet us even for birthday, grandmother widowed, angry with life, who doesn't even celebrate Mother's Day, and the cousins, children of one of the many brothers our parents have, whom we barely see as mere friends.

 Fixed menu 

Food is “the” theme at the time of organizing the meeting for Christmas. “What are we going to eat?“, asks on the table of a Sunday roast in October.  The plan is put together in advance. The main meal varies from year to year. Roast,   sucker  or cold table. Those are the 3 most consumed menus by Mendoza at Christmas. However, the entrance and dessert are usually the same, with the inalienable contribution of relatives.

We all know that such aunt will bring  vitel toné, another, tongue to the vinaigrette. The pancake tower, stuffed chicken and salads are never missing.  For the most daring, there are sweet and sour dishes that are also in demand such as cooked ham with pineapple, or cheeses with marraschino cherries.

As for dessert, the fruit salad does not fail. It's just that the heat deserves it. Ice cream or fruit salad. No cakes or chocolate or dulce de leche stuff, because they're “a bomb.” Although, however, no matter how freshness we look for in dessert, you actually throw everything overboard when “the fourth meal” arrives.

 The fourth meal 

Once eaten everything that was on the table, and removed what is left over, which is eaten on December 25, you start with the  on table . But, it's only an hour since some diner had the last bite of dessert because, quickly, some anxious ventures:  “Che, what if we put the sweet bread? ”.

At the consent of those present, the table is filled again with food. And not just sweet bread. But, to this,  are accompanied by garrapiñadas, nougat, peanuts with chocolate and endless typical Christmas meals.  

 Sweet bread 

It's a typical Christmas meal.  The classic is with polished fruits. Fruits that no one knows well what each of those pieces is. Oranges?Pears?Cherries?Unspeakable. The truth is that, despite the tradition, sweet bread with polished fruits finds high rejection in Mendoza.  The most accepted option is the filling of chocolate chips or, simply, without any aggregates.

 Santa Claus 

Christmas is a bit sad and boring when there are no small children and Santa Claus does not come. It's just that both adults and  boys  are entertained in the presence of the old bearded man. Adults, some grandfather or older uncle, lend themselves to personify this figure, which serves to finish off the Christmas spirit.

But, of course,  it is necessary to wait until midnight for the arrival of Santa Claus and gifts. Although that is also the time for the toast and to embrace, even with that person with whom, perhaps, for a long time we were not talking or were somewhat distanced. That's what Christmas is good for.  

Publication Date: 22/12/2020

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