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It would be good to find within us that space of reconciliation, to avoid obsolete distancing

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By Mimi Marmor Argentines have a culture full of positive and admirable values. We prove to be supportive and empathetic. We never hesitate to join efforts by providing support and help. We value and appreciate friendship and family. We always find the excuse for a meeting or celebration with loved ones. We are integrators by nature: we generously welcome citizens from all over the world, and despite jokes and “burdens,” we included with few and regrettable exceptions of discrimination. Today I feel that despite all that positive and uplifting burden, we are incubating a destructive and relentless internal enemy: intolerance. I don't know when it happened to us, but we started to separate into bands by ideologies, radicalizing positions without place to pluralism. The one who thinks differently is your enemy. And this happens with the most varied topics: feminism, abortion, church, politics... Perhaps the breeding ground is more noticeable on social networks: if someone publishes their way of thinking, who does not agree feels with the absolute right to express themselves through insult and aggression, generating in turn more pitched answers, which are disconnected from the topic to be dealt with, to become a snowball of violence that generates discord and grudges. Since when do we not have the maturity to accept a different vision, another way of feeling? What made us lose the intelligence of assimilating variety to address shared reality? I don't know if it's my impression, but I see that debates generating social and cultural transformations, rather than enriching us with exchanges of ideas and projects, transform us into the wild bars of an absurd football match without rules or cups. It would be good to find within us that space of reconciliation, the essence of compatriots in order to avoid obsolete distancing. Martín Fierro already said about the brothers: “If between them they fight, they devour them outside”...

Publication Date: 11/09/2018

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By: Ale Rinaldi 11 September, 2018

Muy cierto Mimi ;ojalá esto cambie y pronto

By: Liliana 11 September, 2018

En respuesta a

Comparto totalmente Mimí!!

By: Lorena Levy 11 September, 2018

Es exactamente lo que pienso, todo es para un lado o el otro, hasta los temas más sensibles se politizaron .... Hasta las amistades, la familia .... Es lo peor que no hicieron, el fanatismo es la peor basura!

By: Lucia 12 September, 2018

Bravo Mimi por expresar en palabras lo que muchos sentimos

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