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Love is stronger

In the time of COVID-19, we tell you the love story of these two Cordoba who gave yes in the
As we are
| 31 March, 2020 |

Cordoba say and do. They tell us that we are shamrowers, profiteers, gallants and liars . But this love story proves the opposite. These two Cordobes said yes in the middle of quarantine. It’s just that, if it’s a deep desire, there’s no circumstance to stop us . The Cordobes, ifwe want to do anything, we move heaven and earth. And we use the resources of our imagination and creativity.

Diego and Sofia gave yes without violating the official mandatory quarantine measure. In contexts of pandemic and Social Isolation, Preventive and Compulsory (ASPO), it is difficult to believe in love . However, Diego and Sofi give us hope back.

Without harming anyone, without breaking the law, they got married. They were chosen for quarantine, health, illness, boredom or adventure. Diego and Sofi decided not to postpone the engagement of their love. And they searched for it so that they could concretize the legal and symbolic union for the rest of their lives . The young couple used all the creativity that characterizes us in Cordoba to plan their wedding. The marriage was done through virtual platforms. And it was shared with family, friends and friends, as planned from the beginning.

Your story

Diego and Sofia live in Córdoba Capital. They have known each other almost 4 years ago, and decided to transform their courtship into marriage. He is 42 years old and works in a drugstore, which kept him out of isolation measures by be part of the health personnel. She’s 32 years old, she’s a biology teacher and works at the Faculty of Agronomy.

They met in a book club and soon chose themselves as life partners. The idea was to concretize the marriage in the Civil Registry on Thursday, March 26 . And the union by church, two days later, on March 28. However, for extraneous and unpredictable issues that we all know, they had to reschedule and transform their plans.


The main reason that prompted them to hold the event despite global circumstances is to share a positive fact in the midst of so much fear and laziness. Diego and Sofi think that sharing with people who would like to be part of the marriage changes the perspective on the world situation. A union, love, the “yes”, can fill with positive energies every house that sees the wedding (I leave below the video). The hashtag they chose was: #mecasoencasa. And above all, they sought to establish that, if a plan as important as a marriage can be realized at home, every plan can be made . This union functions as a kind of awareness campaign and as an act of solidarity.

The wedding was broadcast on Instagram and Zoom, and they invited anyone who wanted to be part of it. This change of plans shows us that love

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