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See what I bought on the subway

In the Buenos Aires subway and in most transport there is a species that can be as creative as it is desopilating: street vendors.

In the porteña fauna, there is a species that can be as creative as it is desopilant: street vendors. They move, mainly, on the subway. And by means of transport.  They have as much variety of resources as they are products .

 Biromes , treats, nylon stockings, sewing sets,  selfie sticks , brooches, avocados: the offer is endless and sometimes — it must be said — quite tempting. But, if the multiplicity of options is striking, more so are  the arts that sellers employ .

There is  the one that offers combos : he sells you a birome, but gives you another one, and adds a notebook and an eraser. Others have an impressive  level of accuracy  to compare their prices with those of merchants: the same product that is obtained between $22.50 and $27.35, they have it at two for $20. Then there is  the transparent one, which swears and restrates that the alfajor or cereal bar that is selling you has the expiration date printed on the package. And he insists, we can check it out.

There are also those who  find a specific purpose  to what they are offering: “to give, to give yourself” or “for the lady's wallet and the gentleman's pocket.”  Others leave your product on the skirt , without you to order it and without you noticing it. And then they move on to withdraw it if the temptation was not so strong enough for you to buy it. Finally, there is  the one that makes you happy with the trip : the one who — stereo to the shoulder — sells you a CD with 2000 hooks of music. And you get a few moves away and you get off the subway humming short.

Rating: 0/5.