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There is a lot of talk about love for life, marriage, “until death do us part,” and that always includes a couple.

As we are
la amistad: un amor para toda la vida

There is a lot of talk about love for life, marriage, “until death do us part,” and that always includes a couple. But there is another love for life, a love that does not demand promises, but is born and grows naturally over the years: love for  friends . In particular, friends from childhood, neighborhood, school. Friends of a lifetime.

Argentines are good for many things, but there is something we have a special gift for: preserving friendships over time. We are fortunate to create groups from a very young age and maintain them despite careers, study, couples and children. All this has to do with the importance we attach to bonds, to the encounter, to the bond; with the time we devote to building strong and lasting friendships.

With our friends we share an endless amount of anecdotes and internal jokes that no one else would understand. We know their weaknesses, but we never use them against them. We know about their stories, their triumphs and their defeats, because we were there every opportunity.

Recently, a group of Rosarino friends, which was the perfect synthesis of this kind of friendship, was the victim of a terrorist attack in New York. Chance, or bad fortune, led them to be in the wrong place at the least appropriate time, and turned a planned and dreamed trip into the last of their adventures together.

Beyond tragedy and sadness, many of us feel represented by that group. Many think about our own friends and feel lucky to have them by our side after so long. Happy to be able to review the photos of our birthdays and see the same faces, children, teenagers, adults, ex-couples, children around, with some gray hair. But together, always together.

Unbreakable Codes

Most couples maintain certain guidelines that they can not fail: fidelity, company in illness, mime on Valentine's Day. And a friendship relationship, even if it doesn't have any signed contracts, too. There is no “yes, I accept” among Argentine friends, but they certainly share unbreakable codes that are forever.

July 20 is not stained

We can have a lot of work, family engagements or birthday celebrations, but we never want to miss the meeting for  Friend's Day . Whether that same day or another night of the week, the Argentine will do everything possible to celebrate accordingly with all his groups of friends.

An  ex-love  is sacred

A infatuation of childhood, a crush in adolescence, a stable relationship of adulthood. No matter the passage of time or the seriousness of the bond, a true friend will never try to conquer our  beloved .

Pact of silence

As in any bond, we may have differences with our friends on political, religious or sports issues. We can also have drinks at some social gathering and have a weak tongue. But even if we are very angry at some heated debate or very unraveled by bubbles, we will never reveal our friend's most intimate secrets in front of other people. We're confidants to the grave.

Defined Roles

There is the one who does the  roast , the one who disappears when he becomes a boyfriend and calls when he separates, the one who only talks about silver, the one who always offers the house for those together and complains that no one helps him with cleaning. The roles that exist in each group of friends are endless and as firm as friendship itself.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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