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Let's respect the traffic light.

If we don't respect the traffic light, we put everyone's lives at risk. Why the contempt for life? Do we value it so little?


I suspect that ignoring the traffic light is a phenomenon that has always happened, but since I have a son and I walk through life pushing a stroller, I started to notice it with more strength. I mean, it's impressive the way we ignore the traffic light. Not to mention the crossings where there is no traffic light and what we have to respect is the formal right, either of the pedestrians or of those who come from the right. Why do we put our lives — and that of others — at risk in that way? What's wrong with us?

One of the things that surprised me most about my stay in India was some kind of strange implicit law. Most routes have one hand back and one hand back. There is no bench or little money or anything: when the asphalt is over, the grass begins. And sometimes they're a little narrow. So, when you go down the road and a truck or a buscomes in front, you have to bite the grass a bit because the two of us don't pass together. What is the “law”? That gets the smallest one. If you go by car and there comes a van in front, you run. If you go in a van and a truck comes, the truck runs. But one day the inevitable happened: I was on a bus and from the front came another microphone. Hey, what happened? The most unusual thing I saw in my life: the two micros went down a little bit each. I don't understand how there aren't 200 dead a day.

How are we at home? Traffic light yes or no?

When I returned to Argentina, I felt very happy and confident to live in one more country “ logical.” But now I'm thinking about it a little. In Buenos Aires (I don't want to generalize), the step is the largest. If I walk, the car will jump on me. If I drive, the bondi won't let me through. I haven't had the experience of driving a bondi yet, but I suspect I'd have to let the garbage truck through. And so.

Traffic, like so many other things, would have to be ordered in such a way as to protect the weakest. Otherwise, it's the law of the jungle. But when I start thinking that taxes should also work with that logic, and the biggest evaders are the richest, I get a little sad and convince myself that I better let that rude car in before I have to go to the guard than get a leg stuck.

Publication Date: 28/09/2019

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