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I'm going to take a porrón

In addition to the plain, in Santa Fe we got together to take porrón. But watch: it is not the same porrón they take, for example, in Buenos Aires.

As we are

The chorus of “Iluminará”, hit by La Nueva Luna, is one of those many songs that are sung  every weekend  on the Argentine football fields, with the lyrics changed by something allusive to the team that is playing. On the Colón court,  when the team wins , the whole swollen ends up singing: “To take porrón, to take porrón, to take a swalero, to take porrón”.

Taking a porrón is — like the plain, but more popular — another alternative to  mate  that we Santafesinos have as  an excuse to chat with someone for  a while. But beware: it's not the same in Santa Fe as in, for example, Buenos Aires. Here we say porrón to the beer that comes in a  litre container . The most popular. The one that, in recent years, lost ground with the rage of the cans, but which remains, in these payments, a binding factor. An excuse for those coupled with  it' lazy  in the kiosk in the neighborhood.

There is a factor of taking porrón that is related to the  tradition of traditions : mate. Unlike the plain, which is an individual cup, sharing it requires you to pass the bottle from hand to hand and  drink the beer from the same beak , among the number of people that integrate the round. Like mate, it's those customs that, in the eyes of a foreigner, give like a nick.

 Moments to take porrón 

  • After playing football, in the kiosk in front of the canchita, a good male tradition.
  • Before we go to a recital, boys and girls pass the bottle.
  • Before going to the bowling, so as not to spend so much inside.
  • At a family dinner in the open air, on the waterfront, with sanguchitos de miga.
  • When it comes to mind, just catch up with a friend or tell the kids in the neighborhood that you're going to be a dad. We Santafesinos take porrón whenever it is.

Publication Date: 31/08/2020

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By: Alicia Guastoni 03 March, 2020

Muy bien retratada esta realidad santafesina!

By: Julio De Martini 22 April, 2020

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