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It all started with a gin box

Cajón de Ginebra Chico and Cajón de Ginebra Grande are two chubutense localities. Why are they called that? We tell you the legend behind these names.

As we are

  Cajón de Ginebra Grande is in Chubut,   on national route 25, about seven kilometers from the town of   Gin Box Chico.   It looks like a lie, but it's not.   They are names full of legends,   with a deep story in the heart of Patagonia. Where does the name come from?   There are different versions, but they all involve a drink drawer.  

  The legends behind the drawer  

  The most popular legend has it that, on one of the first crossings between the Chubut Valley and the Cordillera, a gin cajon fell or was left on site   (the story is fuzzy),   and was abandoned.   Thereafter, it was taken as a reference and, if an event occurred, it was said that it had happened “beyond or beyond the cajón de gin”. Hence the name Cajón de Geneva Chico.   It seems that, later, the episode was repeated, but with a drawer whose containers were larger.   That would have given rise to the name “Cajon de Geneva Grande”. Believe or burst. Another version, to my most likely liking, says that, actually,   by     the area was found an abandoned cajón, and then it began to call “Cajón de Geneva Grande” and “Cajón de Geneva Chico” to each population on one side and the other of the hill that separates them   , because on one side there were more houses and on the other, less.

  There are many other legends circulating.   An account that there were cars carrying merchandise in the area. During their journey, they were forced to stop for several days because of the weather and ended up consuming, to survive the cold, the contents of a drink drawer that was part of the load they carried. Another theory says that the name comes from the fact that, in these places, the Tehuelches threw the drawers where the gin came, the vice that the white man had presented to them. One last legend has it that the name Cajón de Ginebra Chico was put on by a Basque man who was fighting with his brother. His brother stood on the other side of the hill and invented a better name: Cajón de Ginebra Grande.   What will be the real story?  

In any case, during the first third of the twentieth century   warehouses, schools and bowling were opened in these places and operated on the way to or from the valley.   Some structures of these buildings still hold, for decades, resisting wind and weather.

Publication Date: 10/06/2020

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