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Insulation or stacking?

We propose a game of imagination in an alternative Argentina. Can you imagine a totally different quarantine? Which would you prefer?

As we are

Let's play a little. Suppose, in an alternative Argentina, a pandemic appears, let's call it COVID-19 alternative, totally unusual. Unlike the one we already know, it expands in isolation situations. So, the best epidemiologists in the country meet with our rulers and take an unprecedented measure.   The only way to avoid the spread of alternative COVID-19, they say, is by prohibiting isolation   . We have to get everyone out on the street!

Double work is done, schools are crowded with pupils and lunch in groups of 500 people within gigantic sports playons.   Health organizations recommend stacking, queues from banks and a mass event per day.   The only antidote you count on, until a vaccine is created, is to gather a lot of people in one place.

Inside, municipalities organize collective naps. Hundreds of beds are placed in the wooded squares of the center. However, many of the premises complain about the lack of pillows and dirt from public toilets.

Professionals of all kinds, psychologists, psychiatrists and pedagogues, advise 3 tips to cope with this strange quarantine.   Fewer social media, detachment from home and permanent physical contact   . The more people the better and, the more unknown, the less chance of getting the virus. The media, instead of teaching you how to wash your hands, talk about the need to be in permanent physical contact. They show you how to give all kinds of long hugs. Soft hug, tender hug, long hug and bear hug.

In case awareness fails, government personnel control everyone's compliance with compulsory collective quarantine. Every day they watch that houses are empty from 10 to 19. No one can be alone or isolated in this alternative Argentina!

What would you prefer?

In this imagination game we propose, what do you think? What would be your favorite quarantine? Insulation or stacking?

Publication Date: 30/04/2020

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By: Maria Justina Horianski 30 April, 2020

Es un argumento muy creativo e impensado para la mayoría de nosotros, pero en este contexto en el que se suceden acontecimientos que nunca creíamos que íbamos a vivir, parece que todo es posible. La realidad se vuelve ficción..Muy ingenioso!!!!

By: Carolina 01 May, 2020

Interesante escenario, una historia para imaginar mas ficción en este escenario actual que muchas veces parece de película...

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