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Introductory course of the Argentine fan

We breathe football at all times, between friends, family and even at work lunch.

As we are
hincha argentino

Here, we see football standing.

There are platforms, of course, but in Argentina the parties are stopped. The ideal plan? Go to a popular, stair stands where thousands of fans gather (and a lot) to feel the warmth of the football experience. So no complaining: to arrive early and with very fresh legs.

day is the day of choripan or hamburger.

To the cry of “there are burgers, there are chori!” , vendors in and around the stadium will tempt fans coming close to their perimeter. Reminder: the sandwich is ordered complete and you never ask what this completeness represents. Make yourself desired if you want, but after all, you will fall into temptation.

The little papers, on the air.

Tits of journal, magazine or whatever you carry in your pockets will work wonders. You may notice yourself (your field of view will be dyed white), but the right time to launch them is when the teams enter the field of play. The more important the game is, the more little papers they throw.

Ready to sing.

Even the most shy of fans ends matches with dysphonic throat. A little attitude and good predisposition are enough to learn the hits of the court. They are usually football adaptations of well-known songs, so do not be surprised if the rhythm sounds familiar to you.

Goals are shouted with the soul (and with strangers).

The first module of the Shake Chair in the introductory course of the fan is to raise one arm and systematically move it back and forth. Then, as the start of the match approaches, you will notice that the puffy starts to jump. Now, the real protagonist of the scene, the relief of the day (or even of the week), is the goal. When the ball hits the net of the opposing team, the stadium will begin to shake. Smiles and jumps will be left. And, believe us, you will give yourself the best hugs of your life; some with the usual ones, of course, but the most special ones are those that are shared with strangers. And with that goal hug you'll start

Publication Date: 07/04/2019

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