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In honor of the surname

Facts and interesting facts about the origin of Argentine surnames.

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apellidos argentinos

The  name  is probably what gives us life, what presents us to society, what gives us entity from birth and even after death.

The name speaks of who we are and usually represents the imprint of a series of behaviors throughout our lives, it is our hallmark.

True, each individual is unique, but in this case a  surname , can be defining a priori many other things, such as their origin, beliefs and even their status. The offspring, also usually mark us in some way, we are bearers of a family name that has history, in which our father, grandfather and ancestors have left their mark, for better or for worse, with which we must live together.

Today I share with you two entertaining topics, the first in relation to the information I just collected...

According to the RNP (National Register of Persons) 16% of the total Argentine population, bear by name 20 of the surnames that lead the list of the most common.

González is the most common surname in Argentina, there are about 778,000 people, so if all together decided to live in a region, it would be equal to the same number of inhabitants who today reside in San Miguel de Tucumán.

It is followed by the Rodriguez, who add about 633,000; then the Gómez, who are about 590,000; and then, obviously the Fernández, who reach 536,000; the list continues with the Lopez, the Diaz, the Martinez and the Pérez... among others.

Have you ever thought about the origin of yours?

Most surnames, depending on the origin, can be divided into:

  •  Patronymic surnames . They are those that derive from the names of parents or other ancestors, such as the first name Lope, derives López, Fernando, Fernádez, or Rodrigo, Rodriguez.
  •  Toponymic surnames. They are those that derive from the name of the place where he lived, originated or owned land. Many are preceded by the preposition “de”, “del”, “de la” or are simply gentle, such as Aranda, Serrano or Villa.
  •  Descriptive surnames. They are those that derive from motes, descriptions or nicknames of the family. Examples are  Cabezón , Delgado or Hermoso.

The other topic, is the relationship of our names or surnames linked to our work, profession or specialization and the crazy coincidence of some examples with color data that obviously awakens a sense of humor, that far from hurting the suspetibility of someone in particular, tries to offer a share of joy.iacute; to our readers.

  •  Surnames derived from  trades  . They are the ones that derive from the trade. No one takes it as an insult, because in the end the work has been and is a very important part of our lives. Some come from ecclesiastical positions such as Abbot, Cardinal or Sacristán; others, from crafts or trade such as Blacksmith, Shoemaker, Miller or Tailor; others, from crafts derived from agriculture or fishing, such as Shepherd, Fisherman or Labrador; others, related to the army or civil servant, such as Ensign, Mayor or Jury.

Despite today “we already come with the surnames put”, there are very curious cases of surnames related to the profession: Miguel Campos, as (former) Secretary of Agriculture; Antonio Olivares, has a plantation of olive trees; Laura Cabeza is a psychologist; Lila Ruiz de Corona is Odontó loga; Enzo Guardia is a Security Guard. There are so many interesting coincidences, that the book “Marked for Destiny” was published, which collects these curiosities and many more.Some examples that come in the book are the case of Carlos Paredes, who gave his name to his real estate agency.

The same did Claudia Adorno with her decoration business and designer Carlos Malvestitti, who put her surname in a sportswear brand. The medical world is fraught with cases: Eloy Sordelli, otolaryngologist; Norberto Garrote, expert in family violence; Guillermo Speranza: fertility specialist; José Duro, urologist, and Claudio Pequeño: child surgeon. In the sports area there are surprising cases such as that of goalkeeper Luciano Palos or referee Carlos Amarilla.

This theme deserves endless variables and of course we invite you to write and continue adding examples and notes that throw so fun content that serves to show the world, that we can also laugh at ourselves.

Publication Date: 01/01/2021

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