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In Cordoba we take care of each other

Because there is a pandemic that kills women every day. That's why we take care of each other. The first stop for female taxi drivers is in Cordoba. Will it be a new tradition?

As we are
mujeres en pandemia

 This pandemic is patriarchy, social inequality and machismo that takes women's lives and dissidents every day, without rest.  That is why, in Cordoba, we are  activating different security protocols, to take care of each other.  In this case, the  Cordoba taxi drivers fought to occupy a space in the streets . Users of the  She Taxi app and the Women's Association of Taxi Drivers of Cordoba (Afetac)     launch the    first  stop of female taxi drivers in the city. 

The initiative was carried out by  the private supermarket Tadicor,  where this point of female taxis operates. It was initially organized at the headquarters located in the north of the city of Cordoba.  But it aims to grow more  and more  as we see  the performance of this initiative. Will it become a new tradition?

Expected Project

 The head of the union of Women Taxi Drivers of Cordoba (Afetac), Vanina Brizuela  , said that since the end of 2019, taxi drivers  were      fighting for their rights.  Above all, in an intense fight to achieve a  greater share of integration into the formal system.  The solution came in the least expected way, with  a supermarket and a digital app.  But it came the same and it is  a great achievement  for all these tacks, which say, “ We have great joy. This is the first women stop in the city of Cordoba. For us it is crucial because we continue to work  and grow, thanks also  to the She Taxi app. It's free and it helps us increase our revenue  in these difficult times .” 

She taxi: women at the wheel

 Maria Eva Juncos is the creator and owner of the virtual platform She Taxi.  And she was surprised to receive the proposal from the supermarket:  “It struck me powerfully that a private, based on what their own customers propose, would have decided to request an exclusive stop for women,”  she said. Juncos said that,  from Tadicor, they got in touch with her.   “ I talked to the legal assistant at the supermarket and we figure out  what the dynamic was going to be like.  Our quota is reduced because  there is a gender difference in public transport ,”  he said.

Juncos tells that,  despite this abysmal difference, the application has a very good reception  from its users. In addition, it stresses that the presence  of a stop of cars driven exclusively by women  “could represent the expansion of work for many people. Those people who take a taxi in Tadicor today can  become frequent users and customers.”   And above all, it  highlights the importance of  initiatives like these in  difficult economic contexts  such as those in Argentina and, above all, women today.

Eva also commented that  demand is growing more and more:   “There are many users who install and use it. The essence is that it  guarantees the presence of a female driver.  In addition, it has  new features  like Lost and Found (OP)  that allows you to find, for example, a cell phone.” 

We take care of each other

The platform provides tools for  women workers to be protected.  The app has a “panic” button.  “ It's for the use of drivers.  When pressed,  the safety system is activated with five drivers. It puts into action a voice chat and provides help functions,”  said Juncos.

And with the help of all

 To generate profound changes in social dynamics, we need many factors to come together and move towards transformation.  In this case,  the private hypermarket Tadicor joined and started a small revolution.     “ We are  the first hypermarket to give priority to them .    The decision becomes more important in times of crisis, when silver does not circulate on the street, but they have to keep taking it home. Somehow more trips are guaranteed,” says  Gustavo Arrambide, owner of the hyper. It also says that one of the objectives is   to “promote this space where working women have a stop at Tadicor . They now have assigned places, such as internal stops. The customer can order in the Customer Service section or through the She Taxi app.” From Tacicor they say that there was a good reception from the clientele and that the decision was taken well by the employees of Tadicor . “They are happy with the decision.  In the company there is an  80 percent female plant : we have cashiers, repositories, administrative and human resources,”   said the firm's representative.

Publication Date: 05/11/2020

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