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Already venog. I'm going to the Chinese

Going to Chinese is part of our life and is a fundamental factor in our shopping routines. It's there. Close, in every way.

As we are
Ya vengo. Voy al chino

Every time I go to  Chinese  , I notice that gradually smiles and cheerful greetings are increasing. What was once a “hello”, dry and pure courtesy, today is a “how are you? ”  sincere and happy . Yesterday I went to buy something that I needed, like almost every day, and the Chinese one on my block was surpassed in sympathy. From the box, while serving other customers, she shouted a “Hello, friend! “because he recognized me, he recognized that I was the person who passed by after  work  or on the way to a social event almost every day. I felt so frank the attitude of the Chinese that I got a huge smile.

Because in a world of long faces, what better way to start the day than a nice look. It's amazing how a good attitude of another can twist the time for the better. Especially when we have those days in which we feel that everything goes wrong, that we wake up with the left foot, that we do not meet the goals. The differential that can generate a “Hello, friend! “is really powerful.

The Chinese supermarket, the Chinese market, the Chinese supermarket: the Chinese. Easier. No one needs to be clarified when  a courtesy defines a whole business activity .   Chinese  is part of our life  and is a fundamental factor in our shopping routines. This is the little step we make on the way to the subway, the bus or the office. Businesses usually have an ideal size, few but complete gondolas, which makes us quickly find everything we need.

If I forgot to buy something, I'm going to Chinese. If I craving pancakes on a Sunday at six o'clock in the afternoon. Or if I'm cooking and I realize that I'm missing an ingredient. Lunch for a bite? I'm going to Chinese. Drink because I receive an unexpected guest? I'm going to Chinese. I'm in the awkward situation of running out of something fundamental like toilet paper. Sure, I'm going to Chinese.

It is that  Chinese  opens more hours, more days a week and, in general, is the closest option. They always attend quickly, so the tedium of wasting time doing lines is discarded. It is not known how, they tend to look for the purchase to be a quick and effective procedure, guaranteeing a very important dynamism for the times that run. In addition, they usually have all the means of payment, cards, applications, cash, which makes us not even have the challenge of looking for an ATM to make purchases. And not to mention that they always have some savior bag when we forget the cloth bag at home. And when we usually go to it almost every day, you even “trust” some merchandise if you just came out with the right cash and did not cover the entire purchase (because, let's say everything, the Chinese are not excent within reach of inflation in our economy).

But just as we adopted them and everything that comes inside, at  the same time, the Chinese adopted us, of course they did . Far were those who pretended not to understand our language and changed the return for candy. Little by little, those immigrants from such distant lands and different customs created bonds. They learned the necessary words. They relaxed in our customs. In other words, they  were argentinizing . They were becoming friends with the human contact we need in these payments, of the cries to speak, of the need for greeting to arrive and exit. They were understanding that they are welcome and that we need each other.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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