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I'll give you the lamp.

When cleaning the floors and sidewalks, the mendocinos use the lampazo, our preferred cleaning element. Don't talk to us about sweeping.

As we are
Te paso el lampazo

A basic and characteristic cleaning element of the province of Mendoza. It consists of a woodenstick, which is nothing more than the same broom, but, at its end, carries a “bunch” of cotton threads, fastened to the stick with a wire or seal. The lamp is, for Mendoza, our favorite cleaning element.

A custom of yesteryear

The custom of the last century was to clean the floors of the whole house with the lampazo. People even went out to the sidewalk to pass the lampazo and wax it. It was rare to see brooms or brooms in local homes.

But we can not fail to mention his ideal partner: the sparkle. This is a cleaning liquid with the smell of kerosene or naphtha that is sprayed on the cotton threads of the lampazo or on the floor itself. And, as the name implies, once it spreads and rubs on the ground, it acquires a particular brilliance.

Other uses

Because of its shape and the weave of the threads tied to one of the ends, the lampazo is also used in Mendoza to hunt the parakeets.Large rats, which often get into our homes, are very difficult to capture . The lamp is the perfect solution. Simply place it on top of the animal so that it is trapped and can be returned to the ditches or sewers.


The lampazo, in Mendoza, remains an element that is present in every house. However, the device has evolved and it is also very common to clean with the mop, something better known in the rest of the country. In short, we are talking about the same thing. A stick with cotton threads at one end but which, in case of the mop, works with water and disinfectant. Different from the lamp, which makes it dry.

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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