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Ice Cream Fans

In summer he is king, but we Argentines consume it all year round. Dulce de leche, chocolate, strawberry: is there anything richer than artisanal ice cream?

As we are

When it's hot, Argentines chose ice cream. When it's tempered, too. Some, even, when it's cold. A study driven by   Association of Craft Manufacturers of Ice Cream and Allied   (AFADYA) revealed that   83.25% of Argentines consume ice cream   artisanal   at different times of the year.  

When the temperature rises, of course, the desire for ice cream also:   in summer, 9 out of 10   argentines   consume it;   in spring 8 out of 10; and in autumn/winter, 7 out of 10.   Now you understand why there's always a queue in ice cream parlors?  

How much do we consume it?

Consumers are categorized according to the frequency of consumption: heavy consumers consume artisan ice cream 5/6 times a week; medium consumers 3-4 times a week/up to 1 time per week; and “light consumers”, once every two weeks/up to 1 time every 2-3 months. Medium consumers stand out in spring/summer (65%) and autumn/winter (35%). Heavy consumers, meanwhile, are 4.5% in spring/summer and 1.5% in autumn/winter.

How do we consume it?

In every possible way, especially when we're with people:

  • In   meetings   with family or friends (80%)
  • When we go out to eat (27%)
  • On an exit to the ice cream parlor (19%)
  • Home Only (26%)
  • On the street/step (20%)

Each one in its form and with its frequency, the truth is that in Argentina we love   ice   . Is there anything more like the   happiness   ?

Publication Date: 15/05/2020

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