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I brought sticks.

A more common request than one would believe from Argentines abroad. Sticks are the salty version of the “traé alfajores”.
As we are
Los palitos son la versión salada del “traé alfajores”
09 December, 2019

One would think that those who leave the country and leave for other horizons strange from Argentina will kill, the alfajores, the Sweet milk. And yes, she misses all that. But not only. There is another food that perhaps in our day to day we do not take into account, but that — apparently — the strange emigrant: the salty sticks.

I never would have imagined it because it’s not my favorite snack. Until once, before traveling to see my brother in Barcelona, he made me a very specific request. Branded and everything. To my surprise, he wasn’t the only one. Once I arrived, other Argentinian friends envied their acquisition. Then, I heard that request at more than one opportunity from different people living in different countries.

Will it be that, when we are far away, We miss what maybe we didn’t eat here? Will it be that, as they say, one does not value what you have until you lose it? Will it be the nostalgia of the little children’s birthday, with sticks, chizitos and chips? I don’t know. I only know that my brother will never had a predilection for sticks, however, the kilometers seem to have changed his palate.

Salted sticks, then, are a good option when it comes to surprise a family member or friend who is living abroad. Bring alfajores in salty version. The emigrated Argentines cry out “I brought sticks”.

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