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“I am an ambassador from Mendoza in Rio de Janeiro”

Everaldo Almeyda is a Brazilian who has tired of visiting Argentina: he has already come to the country about 10 times. Mendoza is his favorite place, and that's how he sees us.

As we are

Mendoza is a very touristic city. And, as in other cities of this type, the tourists who stand out in quantity areBrazilians. Change favors them. More or less, but it always suits them. And, in addition, we have very different customs and tastes for how close we are from the geographical. Wine and meat are products of excellence in our country, while in Brazil they are only a couple more of the gastronomic and tourist products of the heap.

Those, among others, are the attractions that have led Everaldo Almeyda to visit almost 10 times our country. Born in Rio de Janeiro Janeiro, 72 years old and a lawyer. He's been to Mendoza six times. Since 2012, it has done so almost every year. Even, our language is a interesting element for him, that's why he was more than a month exclusively studying Spanish. But he's also been in Buenos Aires and other places.

Your impressions

“ I was always very well treated by Argentines. Both in Bariloche and Buenos Aires and, mainly, in Mendoza. It's a city I like very much. I even feel, a little bit, a Mendoza citizen.” The treatment he has received permanently in his visits to our country is impeccable, “for me they were always very kind and respectful”, he says.

He loves our country so much that sometimes it becomes a tour operator: “I do a lot propaganda of Mendoza and Argentina in Brazil. In fact, I've already sent a group of 15 Brazilian doctors to know the wineries and taste the wines Mendoza. I say I'm an ambassador. of Mendoza in Rio de Janeiro”.

And, when choosing on our gastronomic offer, Everaldo is no sonso: “My food preferred in Argentina is the sausage steak. I like meat very much. Argentina. That meat with Mendoza wines is not compared to anything. It's very. very, very good.”

Publication Date: 10/02/2020

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