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Hunger does not distinguish

In Rome, Pope Francis sent help to a group of Latin American transsexuals who were left without customers due to the pandemic.

As we are
El hambre no distingue

In an increasingly diverse world , there is something that all beings who inhabit this planet need: to eat. No more, no less. For those who are believers, God exists for all alike. This is what Pope Francissees, who recently sent help to a group of Latin Americantranssexuals from Rome who were left without clients due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The crisis affects everyone. Given the current situation in Italy, a group of transsexuals had no choice but to go to a church for help. They were received by Andrea Conocchia, the parish priest of the Roman coastal town of Torvaianica. He began to help them, both economically and spiritually.

The group is made up of people from Peru, Colombia and Argentina. The parish priest encouraged them to write to the Pope, who is Latin American just like them. And so they did: they told him who they were, what their lives had been like, and the situation they were currently going on.

To their surprise, some time later in sending the letters, they received a visit: Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal alms, reached him food and money. Krajewski is known as “the Pope's Robin Hood ”, because last year he broke the law by helping to restore electric light in a building occupied by various families. In addition, he usually goes out at night with a van to deliver help to the homeless in Rome.

“ It is true that we have helped you: Come to me, all of you, who are weary and oppressed, and I will refresh you, says Jesus. It's the gospel. These people are human beings who were hungry. And we are all children of God,” Krajevsky explained .

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Publication Date: 08/05/2020

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By: Tomas Caldumbire 08 May, 2020

Y sí, buenos clientes también para el Papa, digo gran comunidad para persuadir, no? (no aclaro más que oscurece)

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