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How do we vacation the Cordobeses?

In the province of fernet and la birra we love to make some getaways to our mountains and even to move around the country. In this note we tell you how we vacation the Cordobeses.

As we are
vacaciones en cordoba

In Cordoba we live summer 2021 with everything, enjoying and touring our province. We take advantage of the fact that the heats that plague cities are increasingly strong and invite us to escape to any  puddle to take  a dip. Luckily our province is full of nearby spas and  corners that merit   short but comforting getaways.  That is why,  with the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires, they account for 60% of the tourist traffic this season 2021.

The traditional Villa Carlos Paz

Therefore, every season  we Cordobese identify a place and make several getaways to the proposed destination.  Traditionally one of the  most chosen tourist places  of each year is  Villa Carlos Paz.  Since it is a city that lives exclusively on tourism and can be recognized as  the small Mar del Plata , due to the  presence of theatres, casinos, different cultural and leisure activities.   In the midst of a global pandemic, it remains the most chosen one without exception. In the vicinity of Carlos Paz, the mountain municipalities were in trouble, as videos of  spas and resorts full of people were leaked, without blunder and with little or no social distancing.   Which proves that we Cordobeses are vacationing whatever it is and wherever it is. And it makes it clear that  for a vacation  we forget about basic care at home. This could be explained by the  high percentage of student and youth population,  which are organized to travel among large   groups of friends who move from one side to the other to enjoy a  summer of rivers and relaxation.   However, people began to choose also  resorts further away from  cities, so as  not to generate crowds.  

Fashionable Destination

holidays in cordoba

Faced with this situation,  a new destination was born in Cordovan fashion: El Durazno, in Villa Yacanto.   This post was always a great corner and a unique option for people  going on vacation  looking for  tranquility, relaxation, and harmony in nature.  In the province of Córdoba, as part of the Calamuchita Valley, is this cordovan jewellery that became  the place chosen by all.  It's a phenomenon that crosses boundaries. This post is located close to Mina Clavero, a  town in the Traslasierra Valley.  

The Durazno is a small place located on the banks of the river of the same name with pure water from the river. This course is born on the eastern slope of Cerro Champaquí and is a striking natural wonder . This area is ideal for fishing with mandatory return  or enjoy refreshing dips. It is a super natural and reserved posta, as it is ecologically protected. For its tranquility and serene landscape, El Durazno is synonymous with relaxation in the middle of the Sierras Grandes de los Comechingones. Overwhelmed by the chaos lurking in Argentine seasons, many choose this point to  rest in inns, cabins, campsites and enjoy sunsets or regional meals.  El Durazno became one of  the most chosen destinations for vacationing  in the midst of a pandemic. There are alternative lodgings such as camping and forests where to place the tent and spend a night in the light of the stars.  Always in the open air, avoiding contagion.  

holidays in cordoba

 Holiday without COVID-19 

To vacation in Córdoba it is necessary  to have the summer certificate.   It is the only necessary requirement to enter the province and enjoy the  beautiful landscapes that surround the city . Since December the government of Cordoba began  the progressive opening of tourist activity to the summer season 2020-2021 which  will run until April.  First it was for residents, then for non-resident owners and from January  tourism was enabled for non-residents in Córdoba.  

Visitors who have, or not, domicile within the province, must have proof of the reservation made at the time of entering the province. They must also have updated  the App Care,  the certificate of movement for the driver of the vehicle, in case they are transferred in a particular way.

Recommendations for a summer without dislikes

Health authorities recommend that each tourist should inform themselves about the  health facilities available in the place to which they will travel and the  procedures to be followed in case of being diagnosed with Covid-19 positive. All this facilitates the processes and helps us not to collapse our health system. Also from the COE advise  to make short reserve periods  because, in case of infection the symptoms will begin to manifest in the last few days. In this way, diagnosed persons can travel back to the legal address  or residence avoiding complications with future bookings. On the other hand, they suggest that tourists move on  their own means of transport.  

  In the middle of the season , Córdoba exploits and does not miss the opportunity to trace the regional economy and interculturality with tourism.  

Publication Date: 27/01/2021

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