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How do neuquinos holiday

We tell you the most important aspects of how they choose their holiday in Neuquén.

The native of  Neuquén  are of calm personality and their way of holiday is also . While heavy metal and cooking stoves are typical of Neuquinos, when it comes to choosing how to holiday, they are inclined to places away from the hustle and bustle where you can find  peace and harmony with nature, with its colors and sounds.  

The  way we move and carry out trips  within the province also reflects these values.

Landscapes and photos

The Neuquino landscapes are,  from the desert to the mountains, one of the most photographable in Patagonia.   The palette of pastel and copper colours that paint to the steppe and green trees in summer and red in autumn that surround the turquoise lakes with fine sand, make the  province a polychromatic frame by frame.  

One of the characteristics of the quiet inhabitant of Neuquén is  to stop as many times as are necessary to photograph the imposing landscape . Whether  in a natural or artificial viewpoint  , made to appreciate a geographical accident of the mountain range,  or in the middle of a hot steppe route  where the sun lies decorating the immense horizon,  the Neuquino will take the time and space to capture that moment.  

Amateur or professional, mobile phone or analog, digital or compact cameras, Neuquinos love to go out and take photos of their beautiful landscapes.  We present you about yapa, one of the best neuquinas when it comes to photographing landscapes.  

 Dana Ogar, she loves effects . This native of El Chocón  fanaticed with all the expressions of photography, as she was living in the main cities of the country.  Back in the Neuquin capital,  Dana captures the green, celestial and turquoise paintings of Limay and the deep blues of Villa El Chocón , among other Neuquino landscapes.  

The likes of photography will appreciate her art on social networks; Dana comes out on instagram and facebook under the pseudonym @_Danesha

Fruit sellers

 Tourism  in Neuquén is  common in all seasons  of the year. Depending on the time you travel, the tourist will appreciate a unique scene of the Neuquinos:  The street sale of seasonal fruit.  

On the benches of Senillosa, on the lawn adjacent to the Chañar route or on the Cutralquense aridity,  dozens of fruit industry workers sell crops in the valley at cost . Cherries, peaches, pears, nuts and grapes are offered to travelers month by month. The proximity of the rionegrino valley and the province's own crops make the trip Neuquino a nutritious and fresh option.

While on some routes in the country sell sausages, cheeses or sweets the neuquino that vacaciona has  the healthy option of fruit when it comes to walking its varied paths.  

The  two representations  of how Neuquinos vacation,  coincide in their forms of respect for nature.   From the  National Parks  and the vast deserts, to volcanoes, flora and  fauna  are aspects appreciated by locals even in how they vacation.

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