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How do I explain to you, my daughter

The new creation of Mamo Gutiérrez for A father on the verge of a nervous breakdown explaining what it is to be an Argentine. What a question.

As we are

 By Mariano Oropeza 

 Like a world parallel to “A generous country,” Mamo Gutierrez becomes dad to explain to his 3-year-old girl how we are.   That question that haunts thinkers and opinologists since 1810, with the sun of May 25 barely peeking out because it was a cloudy day.  Launched to give an easy answer to something that has more questions than puma in chicken coop, our MC makes a quick enumeration of national pride and embarrassment.   Put in a duckling line, many phrases will outrage, many will make laugh, like our spot with  Mike Amigorena , look at him again.

For those who want to hear, listen. And let them recognize that Mamo does nothing but a short, very short list, and that we'll surely see you in the mirror, or didn't you give a hand to a stranger that the car stayed? And then you didn't run it when the clock fell on the edge? Or did you ever give us a big drink in a restaurant and leave some tips? And did you ever pay a voucher contribution from a public museum/hospital when you could pay it and resign a coffee? Surely they are universal behaviors, we do not believe that we are the center of the universe, but in our case corrodes the thin line of the repeated native business card, “Argentines are solidarity”, which sometimes sounds on the sinister reverse, “Argentines are rights and human” this new proposal from, as the already successful “ A generous country”,  carry our broad editorial line to treat the news in a positive way, and federal, but without forget or hide who we are.  We are who we are and we have pasta to improve, birthplace of Nobel Prize laureates, geniuses of the arts and champions, argentines to things!  

 Being a dad, a nice, but high-risk mission 

 Who with young children, and not so much, does not feel the vertigo of the animal question. There's no excuse here . If our children approach with an angel face it is difficult not to tear off a siiiiiiiiii. And with the last “i” we end any good concept we had of ourselves, in what was formerly called  General Information. That category that allowed us to remain as dukes in social meetings, and at the coffee tables, and that the new generations are completely unaware (do the test and ask for example a younger than twenty, without blowing, or googling, ehhhhh, where was Sarmiento born?)  A footer of Libro Gordo de Petete that allowed us to sit on Sundays in front of black and white TV, and answer almost all  Silvio Soldán 's questions. Or that allows us to spend it on the phone in the game of Ask, with an illuminated look at the  zombie  of our teenagers that seems to be Instagram, or they will not be anything.  As the great  Maria Elena Walsh would say, we're not against modernity unless she dehumanizes  Did you ever hear how a 24-hour teenager responds? Nothing else remains from the beautiful Castilian.

Twenty-first century parents have a comparative advantage that our old men and the old ones did not possess. Because in that huge hole that is the internet, and social media, there are white rabbits that we can chase. And use those maps that we called General Information, in those distant times when there were only five air channels (well, Channel 2 was only tuned to a pope, the  router of the past) Those that help us choose what to read them at night, or day, do not limit mammis and daddies, or that gui aided by us in cyber searches. Impossible questions that melt paternal brains, and maternal, burned with hours of  zooming  and  scrolling  idiot (old generations also  go to zombies,  or are being part of the generation tilted, to celu, as Pil Trafa,  punk not dead  would say)

In short, the parents of the world of all ages live that physical, mental, high-risk activity, and that is the upbringing of new citizens. At  we make the prawn with many culture and national history, lots of Argentine data and a lot, but a lot, good, anonymous heroes!

Publication Date: 04/02/2021

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