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How argent am I?

You think you're very argent? Little argente? Take your doubts out. We invite you to measure your level of argentinity in a very short questionnaire.

As we are

There are several ways to distinguish between the one that is defined as vitually  argent ...

The simplest could be showing the ID or passport to verify it. Still there would be no way to ascertain the level of relationship with our  customs .

Of course we could look for other ways to evaluate it, but if we're going to do it, we're going to do it right, as the great Black Olmedo said (millennials: go googling without wasting time). In this case, our production team was scientifically researching our DNA and  what we are , so we could put together a valid test. After months of work, he has produced a series of statements with typical characteristics and behaviors that will define your sense of belonging.

Do test

 Self-submit to this test and get to know your real level of argento. Add 1 point for each statement you identify with. 

  1. When I travel, I usually wear the blue and white t-shirt with me
  2. . I
  3. usually believe that if you don't like dulce de leche, you don't understand anything
  4. .
  5. I look forward to the moment when “Pumas” sing the Hymn
  6. El mate accompanies me every day
  7. . I
  8. admit that tango or folklore are part of my tastes. Musicals
  9. Whether or not, regardless of who weighs, the Malvinas are Argentine
  10. After a few days away from home, I miss my place and my things
  11. I
  12. admit, that at least once a day I complain or curse about something
  13. Family is the most important thing
  14. I
  15. live friendship as thecuter and healthier between two people
  16. There is nothing better than sharing a good roast
  17. Messi is the best in the world, but Diego...
  18. The trick is the nicest game that exists
  19. I admit (like it or not) that the “creole viveza” and the “tie it with wire” are part of our way of being
  20. I am certainly suspicious and agree with José Hernandez: “A father who gives advice..”... “Brothers be united..
  21. Much of my essence is in my village or in my neighborhood
  22. I accept that we live in permanent duality, until the National Team plays a World Cup
  23. Unfortunately, the blame is always on the other
  24. Although we complain, there is no country like ours No doubt “God is Argentinean
  25. ”rdquo;

Results and evaluation:

If you identify with 10 or less of these points,  you will need to show your document. 

If your claims match between 11 and 15 of these, you  're a middle argento. 

If your coincidences are between 16 and 18 of these statements, you  're a big deal. 

If you match in all or almost all, you  are A REAL ARGENTO. 

The elect of God

Were you surprised with your own results? I'm sure you're a lot more argent than you thought. And if you did it without cheating (which would be very argento, hahahaj) now you'll be thinking that there are some things you don't like about yourself. From us. And that we should change. Welcome to be. Because we're a  great town . With our flaws, obvious. But who doesn't have them? And that next to our virtues, they are even stunts. After all, God is Argentine. It's true. Today it's hard to believe. Today it seems more that the Devil is staying with our beloved country. It is not the first time they have fought for us. But did you see? God always wins. We are your chosen people.

So tell us how it went. We invite you to add your own statements or suggest those that in your discretion are essential to define and add to our next test.

Publication Date: 24/10/2020

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