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Hot sidewalks: settled controversy, for now...

We remember the conflict unleashed by the sidewalks of Ushuaia.

The province of  Tierra del Fuego  (officially Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic islands) is, without a doubt,  the most  cold  of the country . Its temperatures range from -1°C to 12°C during the year. Its most icy territory is the southern snow desert. The one that contains the highest temperatures is the northern end of the island Grande, although there the winds make the thermal sensation even less than the thermometers indicate.

 To help endure these harsh subpolar climates, the municipalities and the province have decided to intrude fully . Recognizing the cold as a problem for the development of its inhabitants, the actions carried out are of an extraordinary nature:  To great problems, great solutions, and thus were born the paths with heating 

Hot sidewalks

The solution of  heating the sidewalks with the radiant slab system resulted in an admirable principle . For its practicality and effectiveness, the action of the 2016 governor, Rosana Bertone, to extend the heated sidewalks to a commercial area was applauded by all the fuegos. However , two years after the hose-heating system was implemented, a controversy broke out. 

In 2018,  the framework of political tensions over service subsidies was quickly put on the media agenda.  Journalists like Eduardo Feinmann, related to the president of the Nation of those years (Mauricio Macri), went to the crossroads of Patagonian municipalities and families.  The reason was that the southerners wasted energy  that paid subsidized, having “hot paths to melt the snow.”  Although  Feinmann's theory was extremely untruthful, Mauricio Macri chose to cite it in public  . The event set the first duel and Feinmann was declared persona no grata in Rio Gallegos, in addition to receiving some insults on social networks. Carlos Anglesio, who was most affected by the falsehood of the events, exclaimed at the time: “They lie saying that the gas is thrown here, that we live in paradise.  Let them know how to live here all year .”

The second round was even more spicy. This time, a report presented by Rodolfo Barili in  Telefé Noticias revealed the  lack of knowledge and interest that the hegemonic media have about  towns in the south.   In the presentation, images were shown that were indeed real: heated paths of  Ushuaia  . But they were referred to as extending to almost all the inhabitants of Fuegos.

The anger on the social networks of the Patagonians fell immediately on Barili, but not only that: Gov. Bertone herself came to the crossroads of the porteño journalist : “It is very sad that, living more than three thousand kilometers away, we seek to generate this idea of waste when here the need for heating is all year round and in many cases necessary to preserve life,” he noted among other twits and statements

The climb was such that Telefé had to apologize. More than two years after the sayings and contradictions, at least the controversy and the tension between fuegos and journalists seems to have been settled. 

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