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Happy birthday to you, La Mona!

If it's about celebrating anything, we'll be there. Ah, but if it's La Mona and celebrating her existence, we're all gonna be there.

As we are

Carlitos La Mona Jimenez (CMJ) turned his birthday. And in Córdoba it felt like a tremor of popular embrace and warmth. The networks burst with messages from his fans and his family. It's just that way, the Cordobes are going to celebrate what comes. And, if it's about commemorating one of the heroes of our music, we'll be there. Carlitos is very popular in the national territory and in the territory of Cordoba. Therefore, his birth is celebrated with all fury. Its existence is a unique event for many Cordoba. It's the joy of feeling the weekend coming. It's the urge to dance.

Born on January 11, 1951, the Mona is 69 years old in 2020. Of these 69 years, 53 years spent creating a unique trajectory in the world of music. Besides, he's been playing every weekend for over 15 years, religiously. He never abandoned his audience. Beyond being his profession, it is noticeable that for La Mona it is a passion to play every weekend. There is no known in Argentina another artist of such caliber that he plays systematically in places, to give his show and make his people dance. Its temple is the Monumental Sargento Cabral; its faithful, the Cordobesian barracks. La Mona is the Cordoba idol. Flesh, with empathy and sympathy. With his controversial episodes, and with his gazebos. His faithful follow him from the cradle to the drawer. And they wave all their repertoire in the famous dances.

A revered artist

This artist, born in Córdoba, and revered by all of his land, received numerous awards. And he was invited to thousands of events, such as the Lollapalooza, or his tour of Europe. He played with many artists, who took the stage of the Sargento or the Plaza de la Música to offer a unique night to the Cordoba people. Among them, the Fontanet Duck, Kapanga's “Monkey”, the “Pity” Alvarez, and more.

To bring us dancing and joy; to promise us music and to offer it unconditionally, and to accelerate our hearts with its appearance on stage. For everything, and more - happy birthday, dear Monita!

Publication Date: 28/01/2020

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