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Guess in which country is the Monument to la Coima

For 30 lucas I give you a clue... Although I don't think you need much help guessing something like the coima in this blessed country.

As we are
Monumento a “la coima”

It was obvious. Thanks to an investigation by journalist Luis Gasulla (with collaboration with Juan Parrilla, from Infobae), which was turned into his book “The political business of public works”, we discovered that the only monument to the coima is, as it could not be otherwise, in Buenos Aires.

But the thing gets even more interesting. The  statue  is located at one of the angles of the former  Ministry of Public Works . Fuck me.

He has a hand like  asking for something from behind  (coima?... I imagine that they would not be flowers) and  a chest  on the other. Even  the face of guilt  sent him. Clear the message, right?

The story is beautiful, since, as it is not uncommon, the author is not very clear

It does not appear in the original plans of the building, nor in the work of many historians. Apparently, it is the work of the sculptor Troiano Troiani.

The building designed by the architect Alberto Belgrano Blanco, was built by his colleague José Hortal, national director of Architecture in 1933.  To the hurry and with the return payment mantle on it.  Since in that year the 9 de Julio Avenue was traced, which mysteriously, had to dodge the stone giant. Sounds familiar to you?

Not only does it have the record of being the  first skyscraper in the city , (93 meters high and 22 floors), and the place from which the  first Argentine television broadcast was made.  From there  Evita gave her last speech to the masses,  that of “renunciation.” 

In May 2003, it changed the name to Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services. Depending during the presidencies of  Néstor and Cristina ,  Julio De Vido . And in 2011 the Former President inaugurated the Mural of the  Mother of the Descamisados ...

How rare that the building witness to the greatest coima and corruption in the history of our beloved country, with such a fairly erected statue, has such a close relationship with Peronism, isn't it?

We Argentines are not extinct with pure fart.

Publication Date: 31/03/2019

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By: Jorge 10 May, 2020

El peronismo está ligado a la historia del país. El peronismo no existía cuando ya se denunciaba ( y realizaba) esta construcción. No sé si no lo leíste o es tendencioso lo que querés decir

By: El Xeneize 25 January, 2021

faltaría agregarlo al icónico tema La Argentinidad al Palo... jajaja

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