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Good with God and with the devil

Lughing at ourselves is so Argentinian that we made it a commercial. Get colored with Mike Amigorena.

As we are

The body had to be handed over to the lord of hell. And it should also be a national good, from the Interior, an Argentine child protected by the Hand of God.  And the handsome who cheered up was Mike Amigorena, the protagonist of the promotional of our beloved site that already exceeds twenty thousand daily visits . Popular actor and musician from Mendoza, with great television and theatrical hits, Mike points out that “it was a very pleasant experience and made with a very professional small group,” says  Sake  production company chosen by , and notes: “An aesthetic was achieved very careful and we avoid falling into cliché of the typical character of the devil”, advances the remembered Lord Pells. Filmed in the latest digital quality, Amigorena still laughs at some of the phrases from this talk between God and the Devil that say about Argentines: “You feel identified when you hear the word enlarged, or you go outside and bring three cell phones to sell here. These are tramoys that the Argentine did since it was possible to do,” reflects Mike, who is streaming  El amor sos vo s vo s, a theatrical version of his first album  Amantico , clown and immortal texts, and prepares in 2021 his starring in  ART  with the direction by Ricardo Darín.

But, once we put Mike into the national Pericon, he does not take the spoon out of the pot: “ The bad things about the Argentines are comfort, opportunism, lack of discipline, rejection of protocols ,” synthesizes who personified several tragic heroes of Shakespeare. On the other side of the balance, the actor of the overwhelming  Cabaret  says: “  The good things about Argentines is that we are supportive - and says it who makes free musical performances for retirees in geriatrics- and very creative.  Creative because, since it's about bridging the law, or what would correspond or should we do, we become creative to get out.  In that creativity there is an art.  That is why there are talented people who unfortunately leave the country and occupy recognized spaces outside for this  intelligence of the shortcut  , the outburst. And that's the case with the actors, too. We're not afraid of danger and we do unlikely things. And that has merit in some circumstances and, in others, not so much. I think it is the cell of the Argentine being,” says Miel's recent father, sapling with his partner, singer Sofía Vitola.

For an artist who traveled the drama and national comedy, who knew how to embody San Martín and Luis Sandrini, Argentina's sensibility beats in every interpretive string: “The Argentine being is a love for the homeland, but at the same time laughing at the homeland, the customs of our ancestors. It is also to respect rajatabla rituals, coffee, asadito, nap and national sport: compare with the other. Being Argentinean is a language. We try to do our best, but if it doesn't work out, we don't get too hot, something will always stay, and we sleep perfectly,” he ends with a smile between angelic and diabolical. Check out the commercial to see which side we are relying on the celestial and white as in Maradona's goal to the English. Both goals, obviously.

Publication Date: 18/11/2020

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By: El Xeneize 07 January, 2021

Excelente! jajaja

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