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A Mendocino, River fan, prepared the gift for the xeneizes. He changed the lyrics to a famous song.

As we are
River Plate

This site is not taken off by any team, as you may have noticed. Important dates for each institution are usually honored, regardless of the color in question. But  everyone knows that December is a month of glory for River and dark for Boca. As the month of June is almost luctuous for River, due to the historical descent.  

That is why millionaires usually remember  Boca  that final won in Madrid, every December. Memes, messages, audios and even videos circulate around December 9. But a mendocino went further.  With costumes, props and characterization, he filmed singing, changed the lyrics to an Argentine popular song and mocked Boca.  

The video is uploaded to his Facebook account, and is called  Loco Don Guorry . It lasts less than 2 minutes and looks at the fan dressed in a white jacket, a River shirt down, a cowboy hat and lots of vibes.  At the time of talking about “festejos”, take a bottle of champagne and invite a toast. Then, take the camera, and in selfie mode, the thing gets out of control. River fans have their skin upright, but for Boca's, the video is “very bad.” 

This is the Argentines, fans and  passionate about football . River's swollen chewed enough powder because of descent. Therefore, try to take revenge and take revenge in every December, remembering the historic final that won Boca at Santiago Bernabeu, crowning himself in the Copa Libertadores de America in 2018.

 Mendoza is it from River? 

 Surveys have been done, done and will always be conducted about which team has the most fans. In some cases, the results have been expressed in favor of River; in others, in favor of Boca. But in recent years, the titles that the Millionaire has won have led to many children becoming followers of River. Same thing happened to Boca during the 2000 's. That's why, as in the whole country, the number of fans is distributed.

 Mendoza is good for River 

We should also note that a close and even romantic relationship has been generated between River and the province of Mendoza. A few years ago, the  Malvinas Argentinas  Stadium  was chosen, for the first time, to be played decisive instances of the Copa Argentina. Coincidentally, River accessed that instance and got positive results. This situation has been repeated in the last time, every time River stepped on Mendocino ground, either to play for Superliga against   Godoy Cruz , or to play some crossing of the Copa, the Millionaire team left with a smile. Perhaps this factor also makes more millionaire followers that manifest and make visible in Mendoza.

But the truth is that you will never know, for sure, which team has the most fans. And, in short, it's a minor fact. All teams have a more than enough number of fans who accompany them and support them unconditionally and passionately, which is the cute thing about football.

Publication Date: 10/12/2020

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