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For Argentines the fault is always the other

Why is it so hard for us to see the beam in our own eye? Why are Argentines so unwilling to accept the difference?

The other day, on the occasion of the debate on whether health is free or not in Argentina, I wrote a note in which I used the example  of filling water bottles . If you want to read it, you can do it  here , if you want to save it, the subject is simple: my partner doesn't fill the water bottles or put them in the fridge. He doesn't. Point. (In the article that I just linked them I elaborated a little more, if you want to deepen there is the pope.) But this subject, a priori a little superficial, made me think of something more general and therefore deeper.  Why is it always the other's fault for Argentines? 

Let's reflect together. If she doesn't fill the bottles I have two options: either I fill them or nobody fills them.  What I definitely can't do is force her to fill them , not only because I don't have the power to do it (I can't force anyone to do or stop doing anything) but because even if I had the power, I really couldn't. What would be the way? Verbal violence? Threats? Physical violence? Impossible.  You can't force the other to change if he doesn't want to . So when I don't like something, what do I have to do?

The first thing I recommend, for a matter of mental health, is to try to make the number of things we do not like  is as limited as possible.  There are few important aspects of life to be renegated by stupid things. But suppose that cold water is a priority in our life and it really is decisive for our happiness. Okay. I take it. So, in front of that, what to do? I think the answer is simple: let's fill the bottle fakin.  Why do I have the feeling that the immediate reaction of most Argentines would be “if she doesn't fill it, I'm not going to fill it either”?  Don't you think that's condemning yourself to a worse life? Worse in two respects: on the one hand, concrete, there is no cold water for anyone. Second, the conceptual one: every time we are thirsty and can't quench it, let's remember that we stay thirsty for a half-stupid holy war. And that's going to give us (or at least I would) first fight my partner, but then, and much more importantly,  fight myself for getting away from the person I want to be. 

Compatriots,  let's stop thinking that the fault is the other's  fault and that everything bad happens to us is the responsibility of the other and that we don't have to change anything because we do everything right and the one who does things wrong is the other. That way we're never going to move forward.  Neither as a nation nor as individuals. 

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