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Five questions to know yourself

If they respond sincerely, they will be able to map out their souls.

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The other day, browsing the Internet, I found an article that caught my attention and thought “I'm going to share it with the readers of Ser Argentino”. What I was proposing is that in moments of vital crisis it is very productive to stop the bike for a second and, in solitude, ask yourself some questions. It is important to be alone in order to be completely sincere and respond from the depths of our consciousness.

It is also recommended to write the answers, not only because that way we are obliged to respond more “seriously” and think a little more about what we mean (sometimes forcing yourself to say a thought out loud helps to finish shaping that thought), but also because we will be able to consult the answers in the future and have a map of our soul and its evolution.

No more prologue, let's start with the questions. Do you have paper and pencil? Let's get started:

1) Suppose you didn't have the exact information about your date of birth. How old would you think you were?

In some cases the spiritual and physical age coincide, but in many cases they do not. Didn't you ever come across a super-vital old woman, who was more eager and more energetic than her grandchildren? What about a young man who seems like everything costs and weighs? You, what group would you be in? How old do you get? Don't lie!

2) Do you prefer to regret something you did and went wrong or something you didn't dare to do? We

do not always find the courage to encourage ourselves to do what we want to do. And you? What do you prefer? Do something wrong but have done it or not run the risk of being wrong but always being in the same place?

3) With what criteria do we choose what we devote our time to?

Every day we do a lot of things that we do not like or give us any satisfaction and, on the contrary, we dedicate very little time to what we do like. Why do we act like we're convinced we're going to live a thousand years?

4) Do we say a lot and do little?

Barking dog doesn't bite. I have the theory, increasingly confirmed, that whoever says a hundred times is going to do something is most likely not to. “I'm going to quit smoking”: if you say it more than five times in a month, you're using language as a mechanism to “convince” that you already did it (and never do it).

5) Suppose all trades and jobs paid the same salary: which one would bring you more happiness?

Work not only consumes a significant part of our time, but it has a great influence on the composition of the image we have of ourselves: what we dedicate ourselves to “constitutes” us. That's why it's so important to choose it carefully.

Publication Date: 03/02/2019

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