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Five other questions to know yourself

Pencil and paper, time and loneliness. They don't need anything else to get to know each other a little better.

As we are

I loved this topic of knowing yourself, so in this precise act I present Volume III (you can consult the I here and the II here). If you do not want to consult and do not know what I am talking about, I summarize them very simply: they are questions that you have to answer as sincerely as you can. Don't look for the trick, the mere fact of asking yourself these questions is already worth it (how proud Plato would be of us right now). Small tip: answer in writing, with pencil and paper (writing helps to organize thought) and try to do so at a time when you have time and solitude (interruptions and peeking above your shoulder can plot so that we are not completely sincere). Now, here we go.

1) Why do you think there are things that make others happy and you don't?

This I'm going to say seems self-help kale, but happiness is a state of mind. If we always look outside for reasons to be happy, it is very likely that we will not only never find them, but also miss the ones we did but were inside.

2) What is it that you never encouraged yourself to do?

We all have something we've been kicking since we've been right. We tend to nuance the transplant we do ourselves by saying “it's not the time”, “when I have time”, “when I have money”, but the reality is that we are very likely to not encourage ourselves. Nor do we dare to accept that we do not encourage ourselves. Life is short. At some point the whistle sounds and the game's over. We better have enjoyed it.

3) What should you let go but hold on like a tick?

This question has its point of contact with the previous one, but vice versa. We are filled with small guilt and remorse, “I should have said this,” “I should have done the other.” Well, bad news: the time machine doesn't exist. If we make mistakes, let's use them to learn, but don't go back to that moment again and again because the only thing that's going to generate is that we get stuck there.

4) Where else in the world would you like to live? - Why? - Why?

Many times it doesn't go through utopia, but what if you want to go seriously? What's stopping you? Think carefully what you answer, because the place you choose is going to talk a lot about what you're looking for for for your life.

5) Do you press the elevator button more than once when it takes to arrive? < !


Publication Date: 16/02/2019

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