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Holidays on the Argentine coast are full of small rituals that begin when we load the car and go on the route.

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Primera parada: Atalaya y otros viajes por el paladar

Holidays on the  Argentine coast  are full of small rituals that begin when we load the car and go on the route. Every family will surely have their own, but there is one we all share: the must stop in  Atalaya .

There are those who go down to rest and those who buy and continue to travel, but what calls us all are the emblematic croissants, about which we could say — without exaggeration for anything — that are made of pure magic. Even when we did not pass by in midday time we take to eat after, because the trip is not the same without a stop in Atalaya.

Why is it so indispensable for us to make that stop when we embark on our way to the beach? Two reasons are the ones that come to mind first. On the one hand, it is precisely that: the hinge between our routine and our rest. The official beginning of the holiday. Stopping at Atalaya is to leave Buenos Aires behind and give the first bite to the coast.

On the other hand, it is to eternalize the rituals: to return to the place where we stopped as boys, with another car, another age and another company, but with the same expectation. It's recreating that same tradition with our own children, or feeling like kids again for a while. It's checking things change, but how important it is that some remain the same.

 Next stops 

Of course, the time journey through the palate does not end with the first stop in Atalaya and her croissants. Anyone who visits the Argentine coast falls, at some point in their stay, in the temptation of a good  churro  filled with dulce de leche to accompany the mate. It is part of the tradition we maintain beyond generations and times. “El topo” is one of the most famous and chosen churrerías in Argentina, but there are several brands. Although we find locals with churros in other locations in the country, those on the coast have that “I don't know what” makes them so special. That's why we're able to do an hour in line to take our long-awaited dozen.

We can eat the churros in front of the sea or indoors on a rainy day while we play the trick. We can eat them stuffed with dulce de leche, nutella or prefer those that do not have a filling; we can opt for those bathed in dark or white chocolate or simply with sugar. It doesn't matter: eating fresh churros let us know that we are on vacation and that moment is a happy moment.

Another classic in the seaside resorts of our  Atlantic coast  is to eat a choclo on the beach. Even if we're not very fanatical about this vegetable in our normal routine, even children want not to stay out of this ritual — even children who would tantrum if you served it at home the rest of the year. The crackles on the beach smeared with a little butter convince any unbelievable. There is no time to give us this luxury, we can have breakfast corn, have lunch corn and even eat it with the afternoon mate.

We cannot close this text without talking about rabas, fries cone, pancho and other dishes that, surely, we do not usually choose at home. These meals also taste the mystique of our family culture. We go back to those evenings in the sun on the sand or to those nights walking along the pedestrian and artisan fairs. They connect us with that gustito “al paso” that we give ourselves so as not to waste time and continue to take advantage of our days off.

It is interesting, whenever we can, remember those special trips for the body, memory and palate.

Publication Date: 29/01/2021

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