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Families are disarming, traditions are maintained

Young people generally seek new air and migrate. But they always come back to keep the traditions in their families.

As we are
Las familias se desarman

“ All past time was better,”says some old man who fought with reality. And within these memories is the recurring memory of dinners and family lunches. Customs and traditions that have been lost and are longing for today. However, in most families, some practices are more prevalent than ever.

Young peoplemigrate from their homes tempted by the experience of living alone , because a friend told them that it is good not to have to fulfill parental responsibilities or orders. Tempted, too, perhaps, by the economic independence that the work they have achieved allows them. For many reasons, a large proportion of young adolescents or adults quickly leave the family.

This leads to the loss of many customs that, on a daily basis, were carried out in families. However, as many others remain as indelible seals.There will always be one more dish of food or one more cup of coffee for the child who makes their parents happy, going at least once a month (or weekly) for lunch or breakfast at home. And, of course, the tradition of respecting the place at the table remains. The mother remembers that her child likes 3 tablespoons of coffee for 2 sugar. The father knows the roast must be ready.

Not everything is food

But family traditions are not just about meals. The father, with symptoms of the empty nest syndrome, will be able to call his child and invite him to walk around the neighborhood square. Maybe no longer for him to get on the little carriage and take a ride through space in the rocket next to the horse and behind the plane. But they will be able to spend an afternoon of mattes, lying in the passage, respecting the old habit of going to the square.

Traditions in families are forged and, in some cases, are engraved with fire. When the son or daughter comes to pick up one of his parents, they will know which radio station they want to listen and which way they prefer to reach their destination. And, if the whole family is reunited to go to the movies, surely the parents will remember that their daughter does not like horror scenes and, like when she was a child, the mother will cover her eyes in moments of greatest suspense, not because she is afraid, but to remember that “everything past was better.”

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Publication Date: 12/07/2020

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